Translator & Languages

Can anybody interpret for me?

No, there are various rules in different parts of Ontario as to who qualifies as a recognized interpreter for driving tests. Check with your chosen DriveTest Centre for eligibility rules.

Who is qualified to translate my non-English or non-French documentation?

To be approved by the Ministry of Transportation your translator must be employed, or have been employed, as an interpreter or translator, be a member or previous member of a professional interpreter and translation association or be an experienced translator who is a member of the clergy. Proof of these qualifications must be provided.

I'm deaf and use sign language, can I use an interpreter?

Yes, you can make an appointment for a verbal knowledge test using a sign language interpreter and, if approved by a DriveTest regional manager, you can have a sign language interpreter with you during the road test. DriveTest will reimburse you reasonable expenses incurred in hiring a sign language interpreter for your test.

I can't speak English or French, what happens on the road test?

The road test is only available in English or French and interpreters are not permitted. The driving examiner will do his/her best to accommodate you by using basic terms and hand signals to direct you; it is recommended that you try to learn at least the basic driving vocabulary before your test.