The steps that one should take if you failed to attend the test will depend on if we sent you the following.

A. I Received My First Notice to Write The Citizenship Test

If it was the first instance you were required to write this test, you can:

-Contact to inform us that you missed this test or,

-Wait and be automatically rescheduled for another test date.


B. I Was Sent a Final Notice to Do the Test, but A Missed It

You must inform us within 30 days of the date for the test if you:

-Missed, the first test.

-Was sent a final notice to do the test, and

-Missed it too.


C. You Failed the First Test and Was Scheduled To Do another Test

You must inform us within thirty days of the scheduled test date if you:

-Failed the Canadian citizenship test when you took it the first time,

-Was expected to write another time and

-Missed the set date.


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