How Can One Know If He Or She Passed The Canadian Citizenship Test?

You will receive the results of the test just after you take it.

If you pass the test and meet the requirements of being a citizen, you may receive the citizenship ceremony date at the same period that you receive the results. If we fail to provide you with the date, you will receive a letter that informs you the time and date of the ceremony. You can also obtain the letter 2 to 4 weeks before the actual ceremony. The event will usually take place within 6 months after you pass the citizenship test.

If you don’t pass the test in the first instance, you can choose to write it again. If you pass it on the second try, you will receive a letter by email or date, just as you would have received it during the first exam.

If you're required to attend a hearing with the citizenship judge or officer, you will be notified by a letter after the interview. It will inform you if the judge or officer has provided you with citizenship and the date of the ceremony.