Chapter: Modern Canada

Topic: Arts and culture in Canada

The most famous group of painters produced by Canada was the Group of _____________.

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Canadian Wayne Gretzky is frequently regarded as the greatest ______________________ player of all time.

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The Canadian James Naismith created the sport of _________________ in 1891.

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The Canadarm is a famous Canadian invention used in ___________________ exploration.

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Kenojuak Ashevak is a famous _______________ artist.

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Sir Ernest McMillan and Healy Willan are two famous Canadian _______________.

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Pauline Johnson and Michael Ondaatje are famous Canadian _______________.

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The painting group Les Automatistes were famous for their ____________________ art.

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Terry Fox began a run across Canada in 1980 in what became known as the Marathon of ___________.

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Donovan Bailey won two Olympic golds in sprint events in ________________.

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