Chapter: Canada’s History
Topic: Canada’s first prime minister
Canada’s first Prime Minister is commemorated on the ___________.

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One of the main forces behind persuading Quebec to join the Confederation was Sir George-Etienne___________.

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The first Prime Minister Canada was Sir John Alexander_____________.

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Canada’s first prime minister

The first Prime Minister of Canada was Father of Confederation Sir John Alexander Macdonald, elected in 1867. Although he was born in Scotland in 1815, his family emigrated to Upper Canada when he was young. A lawyer from Kingston, Ontario, he was highly skilled politically and was recognised as a large personality. January 11 has been designated Sir John A. Macdonald day, and his portrait appears on the $10 bill.

Canada’s first prime ministerMacdonald had assistance from Sir George-Etienne Cartier, a railway lawyer from Montreal who was a loyal Canadien: he was instrumental in taking Quebec into the Confederation and later assisted in negotiations to bring British Columbia, the Northwest Territories and Manitoba into the confederation.

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