Chapter: The Justice System
Topic: Canadian justice system
Under the Canadian legal system, everybody is innocent until ___________________.

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In Canada, ______________________ is above the law.

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The concept that the government must provide every citizen with all their legal rights is known as ________________.

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Canadian justice system

Anyone accused of wrongdoing in Canada is guaranteed a fair and unbiased trial. Canada’s legal system for criminal matters is based on the presumption of innocence, which means that everybody is innocent until it is proved that they are guilty. The legal system was shaped over hundreds of years and includes democratic principles, freedom to do as you wish within the law, the rule of law, and due process – the concept at the government must give every citizen all the rights to which they are entitled under the law.

Canadian justice systemCanada has an organised written legal system, with laws designed to act as a guide for the way society should conduct itself. Laws are made by elected representatives, enforced by the police, and put into practice by the courts. Nobody in Canada is above the law, and that includes the police, judges and politicians. The legal system is designed to allow for a peaceful ordered society that reflects what Canadians value and believe.

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