Chapter: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
Topic: Citizenship Responsibilities
Volunteering in the community helps ____________________.

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Canadian citizens are expected to use their vote __________________.

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In Canada, __________________ is above the law.

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The Canadian tradition is based on self-reliance and _____________.

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Looking after Canada’s environment is the responsibility of _____________.

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Serving on a jury in Canada when called to is _________________.

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Citizenship Responsibilities

The basis of the Canadian citizenship system is that being a citizen carries responsibilities as well as rights. Every citizen is obliged to obey the law, no matter what their status or wealth.

Canada was built on hard work and the importance of working to pay for one’s own upkeep, one’s family and to contribute to the country is still central to Canadian citizenship.

All Canadians have a legal obligation to serve on a jury when they are asked to. The Canadian justice system is based on trial by jury of ordinary citizens.

Citizenship ResponsibilitiesEvery Canadian citizen has a vote and is expected to use it appropriately and responsibly to vote for local councillors, territorial or provincial legislature, and federal government.

Volunteering is a great Canadian tradition, with Canadians giving their time freely to help the homeless, schools, charities, or welcoming new Canadian citizens. Not only does volunteering help the country and those in need, it can help you to acquire new skills and meet new people.

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and all citizens have a responsibility to act in environmentally sensitive ways to ensure that they keep it that way.

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