Chapter: Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship
Topic: Defending Canada
Serving in the Canada’s military helps the country and can help__________.

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Those who are too young to join the full-time military can _____________.

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Military service in Canada is __________.

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If you don’t want to serve full-time in the Canadian military, you can ___________.

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Defending Canada

Unlike some nations, Canada does not make its citizens undergo compulsory military service. The country does have an army, navy and air force, however, and serving in one of the branches helps the country and can progress your career. Those not wishing to serve full-time can serve in the militia, air reservists or part-time navy branches, and young people can serve as cadets.

Defending CanadaOther options for serving the country include working in the Coast Guard, police force or fire department. Canada has a great tradition of self-sacrificing service for the country that continues today.

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