Chapter: The Justice System
Topic: Police
If you are unhappy with the Canadian police, in the first instance you can raise the matter with ____________________.

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_____________________________________ are the two provinces that have their own police forces.

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The police exist to enforce the law and ________________________ Canadian citizens.

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The federal law in Canada is enforced by ____________________ .

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The police exist to protect Canada’s citizens and to make sure the law is followed. The police can assist you in many situations, from accidents to thefts to assaults to witnessing a crime or finding missing persons.

PoliceThere are a number of different police forces in Canada. Ontario and Quebec have their own provincial police forces, and all the provinces have municipal police departments. Federal laws right across Canada are enforced by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP); the RCMP also function as provincial police everywhere except a few municipalities and Ontario and Quebec.

If you’re unhappy with police services or conduct, virtually every Canadian police force has a mechanism through which you can raise concerns or take action.

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