Chapter: Canada’s History
Topic: Struggle for a continent
The Hudson Bay Company were awarded exclusive trading rights in the Hudson Bay area by _______________.

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The Hudson Bay Company’s main competitors were based in ___________.

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The French empire in North America came to an end in ________.

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The last defeat of the French Empire by the British was at the Battle of the Plains of _____________.

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Struggle for a continent

The Hudson Bay Company were given the exclusive rights to trade around Hudson Bay in 1670 by England’s King Charles II. Over the next century, the company was in competition with traders based in Montreal. Many of the traders who ventured into the interior by canoe formed strong relationships with the First Nations.

Struggle for a continent
Ultimately, the English colonists on the Atlantic shore became richer and had a bigger population than the French settlements. In the 18th century, France was fighting with Great Britain in North America. The French Empire in North America ended in 1759 when they were defeated by the British at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham by Quebec City.

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