Chapter: Canada’s History
Topic: The beginnings of Democracy
After the Constitutional Act, the British holdings in Canada were known as______________________________.

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The Constitutional Act was passed by the British Parliament in_____.

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The Constitutional Act divided Quebec province into ________________.

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The first representative assembly in Canada was established in Halifax in____.

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The beginnings of Democracy

Unlike many other nations, democracy in Canada enjoyed a gradual and peaceful development. Halifax, Nova Scotia, was the first to elect a representative assembly in 1758, followed by Prince Edward Island in 1773 and New Brunswick in 1785. In 1791 the Constitutional Act split Quebec Province into the loyalist, Protestant English-speaking Upper Canada (now Ontario) and the catholic French-speaking Lower Canada (now Quebec).

The beginnings of DemocracyAround this time Canada became the official name for the country, and the Constitutional Act gave both regions elected legislatures. Upper and Lower Canada, along with the Atlantic colonies, were known in total as British North America.

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