Chapter: Canada’s History
Topic: The First Europeans
The first European to map the east coast of Canada, John Cabot, did so in an expedition of _______________.

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The first known European settlement in Canada, now a World Heritage site, was at l’Anse aux _________________.

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The first known European visitors to Canada were _______________.

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The first known European visitors to Canada made landfall in ______________.

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The First Europeans

Icelandic Vikings who established a colony in Greenland 1000 years ago are known to have travelled as far as Labrador and Newfoundland. The site in which they settled, l’Anse aux Meadows, is now a World Heritage site.

The First EuropeansJohn Cabot was the first European to undertake thorough explorations of Canada, when his 1497 expedition mapped the east coast of the country.

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