Chapter: Canadian Symbols
Topic: The fleur-de-lys
The fleur-de-lys has allegedly been a symbol of the French monarchy since ________.

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At Confederation, the fleur-de-lys was incorporated into the _______________.

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The fleur-de-lys is French for _____________________.

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Québec developed its own flag incorporating a cross and the fleur-de-lys in ________

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The fleur-de-lys

The fleur-de-lys (French for lily flower) symbolised the French monarchy for over 1000 years, having been supposedly adopted by the King of France in 496 CE. It was used by New France, the French colony, and its use was brought back at the time of Confederation when it was incorporated into the Canadian Red Ensign. Quebec developed its own flag in 1948, which incorporates the Cross and the fleur-de-lys.

The fleur-de-lys

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