Chapter: Canada’s Regions
Topic: The West Coast
Around 50% of the manufacturing industry of British Columbia is centred around ___________.

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British Columbia has a population of ____________.

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There are approximately ___________ provincial parks in British Columbia.

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The Pacific Fleet of the Canadian Navy has its home port in ____________.

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The West Coast

British Columbia is the furthest west province in Canada, running along the country’s Pacific coast. Four million Canadians live and work in BC. The Port of Vancouver gives Canada access to the Pacific and the countries of Asia. Around 50% of BC’s manufacturing production is related to forestry, with lumber, paper, pulp and newsprint helping to make it the most valuable forestry in the country. BC also has notable fishing, mining, fruit and wine industries. The province has more parks than any other in Canada, with around 600 provincial parks. BC’s situation has made it popular with Asian settlers, and Chinese and Punjabi are the most popular languages after English. The provincial capital, Victoria, is popular with tourists and houses the Pacific fleet of the Canadian Navy.

The West Coast

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