Chapter: Canada’s Economy
Topic: Three main types of industries
More than 75% of employed Canadians work in ____________ industries.

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Canada’s economy has always been, and still is, very dependent on ________________.

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Canada exports more goods to ______________ than to any other country.

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Three main types of industries

Over 75% of Canadians now work in service industries, essentially industries devoting to improving or enhancing lives, for example healthcare, education, retail, banking, transportation, governments and tourism.

Canada has a large manufacturing industry sector, making goods that are sold across the globe, including computer technology, paper, cars, machines, clothes, food, aeroplanes and much else. The largest market for Canadian goods is the USA.

three main types of industriesNatural resource industries have been very influential in the development and history of Canada. Many parts of Canada are still reliant on harvesting and selling natural resources, and Canada exports large quantities of them. Natural resources industries in Canada include energy, mining, agriculture, fishing, and forestry.

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