Chapter: Who We Are
Topic: Who We Are
The British North America at of 1867 stated that Canadians should commit to Peace, Order and ____________.

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Canada is the only ____________ on her continent.

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Canada is often referred to as the Great____________.

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Canada has a global reputation for being strong and ____________.

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Canada was essentially founded by the French, the British and ____________.

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Who We Are

Canada has a global reputation for being strong and free. Canadians feel that they have a unique identity and are proud of it, being a part of the longest running constitutional tradition the world has ever seen and the only constitutional monarchy on our continent.

Who We AreThe British North America Act of 1867 contained the phrase that Canadians should be committed to Peace, Order and Good Government, and we still follow that tradition today. Canada has built a peaceful and prosperous society from the Atlantic to the Pacific and up to the Arctic Circle while always upholding Canadian traditions of hard work, freedom, enterprise, and fairness. In both literature and song Canada has been saluted as the “Great Dominion.”

Canada was essentially founded by three different groups of people, the Aboriginals, the French, and the British.

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