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What Act formed the Confederation of Canada?

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Canada is often called what by poets and songwriters?

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Rights for Aboriginal people are…?

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Between 1755 and 1763, more than two thirds of French settlers were deported due to a war between the French and…?

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In their own language, what does “Inuit” mean?

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Since the 1970s, the majority of immigrants to Canada have come from where?

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How many Anglo-Quebecers have a heritage going back 250 years or more?

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What proportion of aboriginal people are Inuit?

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How many groups make up the Aboriginal people of Canada?

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The phrase that rules Canadian institutions, “Peace, Order and Good Government” comes from where?

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The descendants of the original French settlers are known as what?

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All Aboriginal people who are neither Inuit nor Metis are known as what?

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Which of these does not border onto Canada?

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The majority of French-speaking Canadians live in which province?

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It is believed that the ancestors of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples came from where?

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In which year did French colonists begin to settle in the Maritime provinces?

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How many people in Canada have French as their first language?

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Canada is known across the world for being…?

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Which of these is not one of the 12 largest ethnic groups in Canada?

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The majority of Canadians identify themselves as…?

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Among Canadian Christians, what is the most common affiliation?

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Which of these is Canada’s only officially bilingual province?

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The Canadian government stopped trying to force Aboriginal children to integrate into mainstream Canadian culture in what decade?

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Which of these is not one of the founding peoples of Canada?

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In Vancouver and Toronto, which of these languages is the second most commonly spoken at home, after English?

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What percentage of Aboriginal peoples in Canada are Metis?

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Anglophones are usually referred to as…?

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First Nations make up what percentage of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples?

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Roughly how many First Nations communities are there in Canada?

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Which of these is the Canadian system of government?

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Roughly what proportion of First Nations people live on reserve land?

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Metis are a people with a combined heritage of Aboriginal people and…?

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The first constitutional document for Canada became law when?

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Canada is often called…?

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How many people in Canada have English as their first language?

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Gay and lesbian Canadians have equal rights to…?

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Modern Canadian society is largely derived from which civilisations?

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In what year was it recognized by the House of Commons that Québecois are a distinct nation within United Canada?

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Those who immigrate to Canada are expected to…?

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When were territorial rights for Canada’s Aboriginal people first established?

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Who We Are
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