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This online Air Brake practice test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the MTO air brake test that is required before you can get your Z endorsement.

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When making an inspection of an air brake system, drivers should wear...?

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The Ontario Highway Traffic Act requires that vehicles with air brakes must be checked at least once...?

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Brakes that are out of adjustment can be detected by...?

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Which of these parts would you find on a disk air brake system?

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Which of these parts would you not find on an “S” cam air brake system?

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What does an ABS system do?

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Which of these circumstances is not likely to increase the operating temperature of the brakes?

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If a vehicle is found to be noncompliant with the safe operation requirements in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, which of these sanctions may be applied?

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Inspections of air brake systems should begin by checking...?

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You will place abnormal demand on your brake system if you...?

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In the 'S' cam brake system, what does a brake spider hold?

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When towing a trailer, you will usually be able to tell if it is employing ABS by...?

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When you double your speed, the demand on your brakes to come to a stop will increase by how much?

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Which of these significantly decreases the brake force produced at the wheel?

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Which of these is not a part of a disc air brake system?

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When conducting an inspection of an air brake system, the vehicle should be parked...?

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When making any inspection, drivers should be on guard for...?

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If a vehicle fails to comply with the specific requirements for the safe operation of commercial motor vehicles as set out in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, the driver, operator and/or owner of the vehicle must...?

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The best way to reduce harsh brake use is to...?

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A vehicle should have wheel chocks or blocks securing it in place during inspection if...?

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How are wedge brake systems different to other drum brake systems?

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Which of these is essential to ensure that full braking force is available?

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What does the 'S' shape on the one end of the camshaft operate in the 'S' cam system?

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In extreme cases, brake fade can lead to...?

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Wedge brake systems are designed to be...?

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Which of these parts would you not find on a wedge air brake system?

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Brake fade is caused by...?

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For safety, the full capacity of the brake system must be available...?

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Excessive brake temperature can be avoided in vehicles which are fitted with...?

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Which of these will not be a factor on how your vehicle's brakes work?

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Why You Need To Take Air Brake Practice Test

Commercial driving is a diverse field that involves operating sophisticated machinery. After successful learning sessions on practical driving, you are required to undertake tests before acquiring a Commercial Driver’s License. Such a test depends on the category of the vehicles you have learned.

Heavy commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks have various essential components, including the air braking system. Therefore, completing the learning process involves studying this braking system and thence taking an air brake practice test. But what is the importance of this test?

This article provides detailed information on the test and why you need to take it in a bid to becoming a competent driver.

Essentials of Air Brake Practice Test

Various topics are covered in the test, and passing it requires you to have vast knowledge about them. Most certified institutions present air brake test questions & answers, and only a few will expect you to formulate your answers. These topics form fundamentals that are beneficial to you. Have a look at them below to recognize how they will benefit you.

• Understanding the systems’ operation

One of the topics these tests covers is the air brake mechanism. From components of the system to their functions plus procedures of detaching and attaching them. Assessment based on this knowledge is crucial since you acquire expertise in inspecting the entire system if it gets faulty. In addition to examining, you can replace some simple defective components by yourself.

air brake practice test• Comprehending maintenance requirements

Correspondingly, these tests involve timing for maintenance practices. A well maintained braking system has fewer failure possibilities while components usually last longer. Maintenance services include draining the air tank, replacing air filters among other essential practices. Taking the tests helps you familiarize with these practices, and hence once you secure a job as a commercial driver, you will have a smooth time handling the vehicle which is advantageous to you and the employer.

• Practical sureness acquisition

Besides taking theoretical tests, the eventual section involves road skills tests. Here, you are required to identify various components of the air braking system. Typically, you are to perform a full inspection in the presence of particular officers. After that, you will have to drive the air brake designed vehicle as part of the test. These practices help you gain confidence while at the same time assessing how much expertise you have acquired, thereby improving on your repute.

• Ultimate precision provision

Air brake tests are taken at regular intervals as you progressively learn more on the system. Therefore, once you have taken one test, you will identify your areas of weakness and work towards improving them. Eventually, you will have covered a wide range of information and essentially gained massively.

• Builds a reputation for future job references

In addition, passing these tests builds confidence in employers who will readily offer you a job if needed. You should establish an approach to the tests so that you can acquire relatively high scores. There are several employers in Canada looking for competent drivers, and the only way to entice them into employing you is by taking and passing the tests.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are planning to drive commercial vehicles or not, taking air brake tests generally improves your driving skills. Besides, you might require to find a job someday, and this is a form of securing an opportunity. There are various platforms in Canada offering such tests, some of which you can find online.

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