How to Successfully Tackle a Multiple Choice Ontario Driving Test

Passing the written driving test is the first step to obtaining a driver’s license in Ontario. Before you get behind the wheel, you need to demonstrate that you clearly understand road rules and that you’re not going to be a threat to other road users.

In this article, we’re going to uncover how you can successfully tackle the multiple-choice questions about Ontario road rules.

Skills That Are Tested on the Ontario Driving Written Exam

Ontario Driving TestThe Ontario driving written test comes in two sections, each consisting of 20 questions (40 questions in total). The first section tests you on road signs and the other on rules of the road as discussed below:

Traffic and road signs: This entails regulatory signs such as traffic lights, pedestrian signals, and pavement markings that control traffic flow. You’ll also be tested on road warning signs like up-coming curves, speed limits, hidden intersections, etc.

Road and driving rules: These are basic road rules that all Ontario drivers ought to know and follow strictly to be safe. The questions will range from how to change lanes, control steering, deal with bad weather conditions, what to do in case of an accident, proper etiquette for merging and passing, and restrictions for the license.

Important Notes:

  • There are over 70 traffic lights and signs and more than 90 common road rules that can you can be tested on
  • The Ontario driving test might have pictures asking questions about road and traffic signs, road conditions, and driving rules.
  • You can take the G1 test in 17 languages
  • You have to get 16 questions out of the 20 correct on each section to pass the Ontario written driving test.
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Simple Steps to Prepare for Your G1 Written Knowledge Test

Here are essential steps that will help you prepare and nail the Ontario written driving test:

Study the driver’s handbook

G1 questions are drawn from the MTO Driver’s Handbook. Reading the book and making short notes can help you remember the concepts, road signs, rules, and general driving information. Besides, all questions tested in main exam are derived from this book.

Take the online practice tests

Some sites offer numerous online practice questions that are derived from the driver’s handbook. These tests can help you gauge your knowledge and areas where you need to re-study to pass the official exam. Besides, many websites allow you to take the practice tests as many times as you want until you feel completely ready for the official exam.

Review difficult concepts

Not every driving rule or road sign will be easy to remember, and hence you should give yourself ample time to review and re-read such concepts. This will help you understand the content better, gain confidence, ease anxiety, and ultimately nail the test.

Have a study partner

Having someone who is gearing up for the same exam, or someone who is more knowledgeable than you are as your study partner can be so beneficial. Rather than trying to digest all the concepts alone, sharing them with someone can help you understand better. Besides, they can help figure out what your strong and weak areas are and together come up with ways to strengthen them. Besides, you’ll feel motivated just as you would in a study group.

Get enough sleep

It’s vital to get enough sleep the night before the exam. Having adequate rest ensures that you remain focused and maintain high concentration level throughout the exam.

The exam day

Arrive early for your test and remember to carry all the required documents. If possible, arrange everything the night before and arrive at least 30 minutes early so that you can have ample time to settle in and relax.

Tackling the questions

Some questions on the Ontario driving test can be tricky and confusing. Therefore, it’s crucial that you take your time to read each question and answer carefully. If you come across a question that you don’t know the answer, pick the best answer. And after you finish the test, review it to confirm that you didn’t miss any questions.

The Risks of Not Studying Hard Enough the First Time

Studying hard enables you to understand the vital concepts of safe driving. It also puts you in a better position to answer correctly and pass the Ontario driving test. However, failing to study hard enough may put you at risk of the following:

Becoming nervous

Studying hard enhances retention of learned information, which helps build your confidence. It helps you relax and have a positive mindset that is crucial in passing the exam. However, when you haven’t covered the course’s content properly, you might be overly nervous and could end up forgetting even the little that you had learned.

The extra cost of a retake

If you haven’t studied properly, your chances of acing the Ontario driving test will be reduced significantly. Failing to pass the test the first time means that you’ll have to retake it at an extra cost.

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