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APNATORONTO.COM is currently offering a thorough practice quiz for motorcyclists who are getting ready to take the Ontario M1 test. Our efficient online M1 practice test allows motorcyclists to review examples of the 240 questions that appear on the exam. This test is absolutely free and it is essential for motorcyclists, as you are required as a rider to understand the rules of the road and follow the required safe driving practices in order to operate a motorcycle.


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Ontario M1 Test (Motorcycle)

APNA Toronto offers an Ontario M1 Motorcycle Test to help new drivers best in preparing for the day of their exam. Our M1 test features in-depth test questions and many of the same questions may be found on the actual exam. Since 2006, we have been offering a valuable resource to new drivers by providing a comprehensive online test which they can use to best prepare for their actual exam.

BikerPass your M1 test with confidence

We have compiled the most relevant test questions which can help you to best prepare to receive your motorcycle license. Ontario applicants will find that the test covers many different topics and subject matters, and it is essential to be well prepared for the actual exam. We can help you to pass your test with confidence so you can enjoy your time on the open road.

Our online practice test is comprehensive and efficient and allows motorcycle riders to review more than 230 sample questions. Our M1 practice test is completely free of charge and is especially designed to prepare you best for the actual exam. The test is inclusive of the safety rules and regulations that are necessary to learn prior to operating a motorcycle.

Although there is no guarantee of passing your exam, we offer an extensive range of information, so you have the best chance of a successful outcome. We are pleased to serve the community of Ontario and Toronto with quality resources that provide the information they need. For more resources, please browse the other areas of our website.

Class M Licence

Ontario M1 Test: Frequently Asked Questions:

You are restricted to limited speed motorcycles or mopeds, which cannot exceed a maximum speed of 70 km/h.

You can only ride three wheeled motorcycles (motor tricycles).

The average time from first application to full motorcycle licence is twenty months.

If you fail the test for your Class M2 licence, you may take the test again providing your temporary driver's licence is still valid. If it is not you may be able to obtain a one-day temporary licence to allow you to retake the test, provided you booked the test before your temporary licence expired. If you fail the Class M test, you may retake it.

You must be at least sixteen years old when you apply, be able to meet the Ministry of Transportation vision standards and pass a knowledge test encompassing traffic signs, knowledge of motorcycles and the rules of the road.

No, everyone must begin the graduated program from the beginning (with some exceptions detailed below).

Firstly you must fulfil the conditions for application for an M1 licence, then within ninety days of receiving this you must take a test for the M2 licence (you must have at least sixty days of riding experience for this) and you can then progress to taking a test for your full motorcycle licence.

Yes, you must have a zero blood-alcohol level at all times when riding, ride only during daylight hours (half an hour before sunrise to half an hour after sunset), wear an approved helmet, not drive on roads with speed limits in excess of 80 km/h (except highways 11, 17, 61, 69, 71, 101, 102, 144 and 655) and you may not carry passengers.

You must still maintain a zero blood-alcohol level when riding and wear an approved helmet, but you are permitted to ride at night and on any road.

To take the test for an M licence you must have been riding with an M2 licence for at least twenty-two months. If you successfully pass a government-approved motorcycle safety course, this time limit is reduced to eighteen months.

Only if the licence is issued by a jurisdiction which has a reciprocal agreement with Ontario (another Canadian province, the United States, Switzerland, Australia, Northern Ireland or Canadian Forces Europe) and you have held it for two years. If you have a licence from one of these jurisdictions but less than two years of riding experience, you may be eligible to start the graduated licensing program from M2 level. Otherwise you must start the program from the beginning.

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