How to Prepare for the Ontario Class AZ License Test

In modern times, there are plenty of jobs that require you to spend a lot of time on the road. Truck driving is one such option that actually pays a reasonable rate. According to, the average truck driver’s salary is about $25.55 per hour.

However, you need more than a normal driver’s license in Canada to legally operate a truck. More specifically, it lets you drive any truck/tractor trailer combination or something like a tow truck.

Here’s what you need to know about the AZ license and how to prepare for the Class AZ license test.

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Know the Difference Between AZ vs DZ License

To begin commercial truck driving, you need to first get an AZ license. A full Class AZ truck license qualifies you to drive a motor vehicle and towed vehicles exceeding a total of 4,600 kilograms. The kind of vehicle that fits this description includes dump trucks, garbage trucks, and vans.

You also have the option of getting a “C” endorsement so you can legally drive coaches and large passenger vans.

The other option if you want to drive a truck is the DZ license. Both the “A” and the “D” specifies the weight categories that are covered.

A DZ license allows you to drive a motor vehicle over 11,000 kg or the same vehicle towing a trailer of less than 4,600 kg. In other words, the AZ license qualifies you to drive trucks with heavier loads than a DZ one. As such, the AZ license covers everything that a Class G, D, or restricted Class A license covers.

Research the Requirements for AZ License

Anyone interested in the AZ license should first research all of the requirements. See if you meet all the minimum qualifications before you even take the practice test. Study what will be on the test, and look into training institutions.

Age Limit

First and foremost, only full adults are allowed to have an AZ license. You can’t take a summer job during your teen years as a trucker, even though it’s legal to work as a teenager in Canada.

Preferably, you’ll be over the age of 25. The younger you are, the higher your insurance premiums may be. Employers will be less likely to hire you if you cost too much to insure.

Additionally, most companies require at least proof of a high school education. This can take the form of a high school diploma or GED.

MTO Medical Test

Next, you have to pass the MTO medical test or physical exam. This evaluates whether or not you’re in good physical health and can drive safely on Ontario roads. A company can’t afford to have its drivers get into serious accidents because of an undiagnosed medical condition.

Individuals younger than 46 years of age need to retake the exam every 5 years. People up to age 64 need to retake it every 3 years. If you’re older than 65, then it’s a yearly requirement.

Driving Record

A relatively clean driving record is another necessity when applying for an AZ license.

You need a full class G license to apply, which is the standard one that lets you drive normal vehicles. Without one, you cannot pursue any of the other license classifications.

As for your driving record, you shouldn’t have anything more than minor speeding offenses. Those are unlikely to affect your truck driving career unless there are a lot of recent ones.

Other offenses are taken much more seriously. You can’t apply if you’ve been caught driving under the influence or have multiple moving vehicle offenses.

Written Test

The written test is the first part of getting your AZ license. Passing the written portion leads directly to the practical on-road test.

Expect the test to contain questions about commercial driving in Ontario, rules of the road, and air brake information. You need at least an 80% to pass the knowledge exam, and it should take you about a half hour to complete.

No Criminal Record

In a similar vein, you shouldn’t have a criminal record. Truck driving may not seem like the kind of career that cares much about your history.

However, it’s a job where you’re constantly operating large machinery on the road alongside thousands of other vehicles. You may also be transporting resources and equipment that are worth millions of dollars. An ex-convict could be a liability to a company.

In addition, a criminal record can prevent you from fulfilling your duties. Often, truck drivers need to cross borders to make deliveries. They also need to be insurable.

A person’s criminal history can limit their movement across borders, and insurance companies may not cover them.

Road and Practical Test

Finally, you have the road and practical test to complete. This part involves taking everything you’ve learned and studied and applying it in a real-world setting.

On the testing day, you’ll want to bring your driver’s license, an insured Class A vehicle, and a copy of the email confirmation. The Z-endorsement portion requires a hard hat, wheel chocks, and a stopwatch.

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Find Good Practice Tests

The worst thing you can do is pay to take the Class AZ license test without utilizing a free practice test, first. In Ontario, the cost of your road tests, your Z-endorsement, and your license will run you about $275. Both license tests will cost you $122.75 as a package deal.

If you fail the test, you can pay the fee to take it again. However, you won’t want to keep paying over a hundred dollars for redos.

Here are a few things to look for in online practice tests.

Free Sign Up

The reason you take practice tests is that they’re free and help prepare you for the real one. You don’t want to choose a test provider that charges you for access to something you can get free elsewhere. It’s supposed to be an affordable option for people from any walk of life who want to be commercial truck drivers.

Ease of Access

Any website you use to gain information needs to be easy to use and read. Many people that are training to become truck drivers never grew up around technology. They need a resource with accessible content that doesn’t require clicking through too many pages.

Additionally, it helps if the practice tests don’t require you to download them. Some people may use library computers to prepare for their tests. They might not have a flash drive on them or a laptop at home to study on.

Offers Additional Resources

Ideally, the website where you access your practice test will also host information on other areas in addition to AZ licensing. That would show that they’re an expert when it comes to rules of the road, trucking, and handling motor vehicles.

They may have practice tests for new drivers, motorcyclists, and other aspiring learners. It helps if those tests are broken down into specific areas, like one for traffic signs and another for air brakes.

Complete Your Entry Level Training

Ontario Class AZ License TestAfter your written test comes the hands-on part. The most important way to prepare for your AZ license road test is by completing MELT, or mandatory entry-level training. These courses were implemented by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) in 2017.

Training must be provided by an accredited Ontario truck driving school. You must have at least 103.5 hours completed, though there are some courses that provide more substantial training. There’s also a required 8 hours of training on air brakes.

The course you take should teach you the ins and outs of the vehicle, how the industry works, and give you the skills to succeed as a truck driver.

One issue you may face is paying for the training program. Signing up can cost you anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000. If you can’t afford MELT courses, you can always try out government assistance programs to get funding.

Make sure to join a program with good reviews that offers the best equipment for training. How much you pay will depend on the school and the programs offered.

For example, Canada Trust Driving School has three programs: Standard, Express, and Advanced 200 Hour. You can expect the 200 Hour course to cost more than the Standard one.

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Download the Driver's Handbooks

Before you click on an online practice test, you should get your hands on the official Ministry of Transportation (MTO) truck handbook. You'll also need to get the air brakes handbook. Both contain essential information that will be on the written test.

Take some time to focus on your studies. Write down notes as you read, and don't expect to remember everything all at once. You should also try out a free practice test to find out what areas you still need to work on.

Study Up for Your Truck Driving Test

Getting a license to drive a commercial truck will take some time, but it's necessary if this is the career you want. The Class AZ license test shouldn't be a problem as long as you've taken the time to prepare and study in advance. You also won't have to pay extra to retake the written portion.

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