This Ontario Air Brake test questions are intended to help you prepare for the written part of the air brake test that is required before you can get your Z endorsement.

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The only tank from which it is acceptable to observe a significant amount of moisture being discharged is...?

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Before measuring the applied pushrod stroke, you should ensure the air pressure does not exceed...?

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If your vehicle has automatic slack adjusters, inspection of brake adjustment...?

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If you are performing a brake adjustment inspection as part of the practical test, you must be equipped with...?

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Automatic slack adjusters can only be repaired by...?

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As your brakes wear, brake pushrod stroke will...?

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Proper inspection of air brakes must be undertaken regularly by...?

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The pushrod stroke should be inspected at least...?

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A long stroke brake chamber can be identified by the fact that it will have...?

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If a drain valve on any tank is not functioning properly, it must be...?

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A standard stroke brake chamber will have what sort of port?

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You can discover the size of brake chamber on your vehicle by...?

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Which of these items do you not need to bring to your test if being tested for motor coaches?

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A long stroke size 24 brake chamber will have which of these markings?

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Which of these is not part of the trailer brake subsystem circuit?

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Pushrod stroke measurements should be done with the engine...?

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The most common brake chamber size is...?

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Before measuring the applied pushrod stroke, you should ensure the air pressure is above...?

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To inspect the low air warning device, the ignition key should be...?

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The brake is out of adjustment when the pushrod stroke...?

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Brake chamber size can be determined by measuring...?

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Which of these items is it optional to bring to the practical test for airbrake certification?

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Readjustments to manual slack adjusters may only be carried out by...?

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A size 36 brake chamber will be marked with...?

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Which of these is not part of the air supply subsystem circuit?

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Which of these is not part of the air supply subsystem circuit?

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Marks made in measuring pushrod strokes must be...?

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Being able to demonstrate an applied pushrod stroke measurement method of inspection is compulsory for...?

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When performing an inspection as part of the practical examination, you should...?

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When measuring the pushrod stroke, this should be done with the brake pedal...?

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Let Us Help You Start Truck Driving In Ontario with the Air Brake Test Questions

Are you planning to start commercial vehicles driving lessons? Did you know that such learning programs include various tests such as air brake test as part of learning? Well, if you didn’t, then you do now, and you need to find a platform to access the tests.

Typically, while an endorsement test works as a commendation, air brake tests usually function as restrictions. Passing the test is hence not an option since once you fail, you might have difficulties finding an employer who will entrust you with their vehicle.

Why Taking the Test Is Important

Every driver operating commercial vehicles with air brakes system must have sufficient knowledge and expertise. These aspects can only be gauged through endorsement tests as well as air brake tests. A driver who has taken the test is aware of the proper maintenance schedule for the system while he can perform a full inspection if it gets faulty.

Taking the test and fairy performing is an added advantage for you as a driver. Most employers in Canada will grant drivers an opportunity willingly if they display positive results. Therefore, you should not neglect the importance of taking this test.

Air Brake Practice Test

We help individuals aspiring to acquire a commercial driver’s license by providing study resources and eventually, a written test. Besides studying, passing the test requires a well-laid strategy. Embarking on practice test air brake exercises can significantly improve your mode of approaching the ultimate test.

Usually, you will find similar air brake test questions to those in the practice test. Furthermore, after taking one test, you will establish sections you have comprehended and those you have not. You will thence work harder on areas you are weak on eventually understanding the entire concept. Ultimately, you will have improved significantly after taking multiple practice tests.

air brake test questions

Air Brake Test Content

Our test includes questions and answers where you are expected to choose the correct answer for each. They are available for applications to residents in Ontario at any time and the surrounding regions. Our course is recognized by the state’s CDL manual program providers.

This test covers several topics including:

• Components of the air brake system

• Maintenance process for the system

• General operation principles

• How to use the system

We provide a handbook containing these chapters, and you can download an electronic format from our website. You can also check for other resources from any accessible library. Typically, resources can be available in various platforms including a local motor vehicle department. You are not limited to a particular source as long as they offer reliable information.

How to Qualify For the Test

Any interested individual can sit for the test as long as they have driving skills. The essence of being a skilled driver is that you have to take a practical test after the written one. In addition, you will be required to pay a relatively small fee to register for the test. If you fail the first test, you will have to pay an additional fee to retake the test.

In conclusion, we recommend proper preparations before sitting for the written test. Otherwise failing might result in unbearable repercussions such as driving restrictions. It is also a waste of time and resources where you have to sit for the test again.

Therefore, ensure you thoughtfully strategize on how to tackle studying and answering questions.

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