In Ontario, it is required that you have an official MTO air brake test or endorsement on your license by passing AZ written test before you take to the road.

Air Brake Test 02

Which of these statements applies to spring brakes?

Question 1 of 30

How many connections must be made to join a trailer's brake system to the brake system of the towing vehicle?

Question 2 of 30

What do the foundation components consist of?

Question 3 of 30

Which of these is not the type of foundation brake system?

Question 4 of 30

What is a 'gladhand'?

Question 5 of 30

Trailer service brakes can be operated by...?

Question 6 of 30

Trailer brake subsystems supply air...?

Question 7 of 30

Service line couplings are usually color coded which color?

Question 8 of 30

The tractor protection valve on towing vehicles is designed to do what?

Question 9 of 30

If you notice that your brake system has caging bolts on it, what should you do?

Question 10 of 30

On which of these vehicles are you most likely to find a DD3 Safety Actuator?

Question 11 of 30

You have finished your delivery and unhitched from your trailer. What should you do with the trailer supply valve?

Question 12 of 30

“S” cam brakes use which sort of system?

Question 13 of 30

Which of these trailers can be towed without waiting for the service brake air tanks to fill?

Question 14 of 30

If a spring brake priority trailer loses air to the service brakes, the trailer can only be braked by...?

Question 15 of 30

In the majority of air brake systems, the parking and emergency brakes are applied by doing what to the control?

Question 16 of 30

When attaching a trailer, the supply line is usually color-coded what color?

Question 17 of 30

Which of these can cause the air pressure to drop and so activate the spring brakes?

Question 18 of 30

A DD3 Safety Actuator has how many air line connections?

Question 19 of 30

Trailer hand valves can be used for...?

Question 20 of 30

A caging bolt is used by a technician to do what?

Question 21 of 30

The trailer supply valve is usually operated from the dashboard by a control with a knob of which color?

Question 22 of 30

The spring brake controls are normally what color?

Question 23 of 30

Air brake systems on a trailer have which of these components?

Question 24 of 30

If trailer lines are cross connected, which of these may happen with the trailer brakes?

Question 25 of 30

You should ascertain whether a trailer uses a spring brake or service brake priority system by...?

Question 26 of 30

The trailer supply valve will close automatically when air pressure drops below...?

Question 27 of 30

Trailer brake subsystems must apply the spring brakes automatically when the trailer supply line pressure drops below...?

Question 28 of 30

To release the spring brakes on a vehicle with a DD3 Safety Actuator, you must operate the control valve and then do what?

Question 29 of 30

When the tractor protection valve is opened, it allows air to...?

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How to Pass Your AZ Written Test in Ontario

Passing a test is what every involved candidate aspires, and air brake test is not an exemption. When seeking a Commercial Driver License (CDL), you have to take the test undoubtedly with the aim of passing. Ontario is one of the driving test providers in Canada, offering various kinds of tests, including AZ written test.

So, have you applied for a test in Ontario? Then you must be concerned about how to pass the test. This detailed guide provides tips on passing it effortlessly.

Studying Guidelines

Certainly, you need to study before the test date, which means that you have to reserve a few hours a day. But your studying habits determine significantly the results you will obtain. Here are some tips that might enhance your study habits.

• Establish the test day to help you organize your study schedule. After that, you have to identify how many topics you are supposed to cover and then fit them in your plan. Knowing the test date prevents rushing during the last days or overburdening yourself way too early before the test.

• Categorize your study information in small bits to streamline memorizing. Instead of acquiring one study material and trying to comprehend a large portion in one sitting, you should break details according to chapters and read one at a time.

• Take breaks in between the studying sessions to break the monotony. Irrespective of how much time you have left and the quantity of information you have to cover, putting yourself into too much pressure will only hurt you. Therefore, ensure you get some rest by taking regular short breaks.

• If you have friends taking similar tests, then you should organize and study together as study buddies or groups. This way, you will ask each other questions concerning parts that seem incomprehensible to you.

• Avoid rushing for a test program as you may end up scuttling everything. Make sure you take the test after you feel comfortable with whatever knowledge you have acquired in your studies. Ontario AZ written tests are available for application any time, so there is a need to pressure yourself.

• You can also take air brake practice tests regularly to evaluate your understanding. Such practice tests will prepare you to face the written test by instigating confidence. Besides, you will identify areas that you are yet to comprehend and hence put an extra effort. Practice tests are available for free on various online platforms.

AZ Written TestPreparations during Test Date

Eventually, the date you have long anticipated for is here, and you are to face the test. Usually, it is advisable not to bombard yourself with a lot of information on this day. You might end up getting mixed up and forgetting everything instead. The best thing is skimming through the notes and a few questions you have encountered during your study, obviously, you expect to find questions with a similar format to those you have encountered before.

It is right to feel a little tense, but then you should try to remain composed until the end of the test. Remember that even if the test proves challenging, you should take it positively as an eye-opener.

Final Thoughts

AZ written test should be a means of improving your knowledge and skills on commercial driving. Therefore, you should take it seriously by doing all it takes to pass it. Read the instructions carefully and don’t rush to choose an answer.

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