Canada’s Regions

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What proportion of the population of New Brunswick has French as their first language?

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In the summertime in the northern territories, how long can daylight last?

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What is the capital of British Columbia?

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In what year was Nunavut established?

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What is the capital of Ontario?

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New Brunswick is situated in which mountain range?

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Which provincial capital has Canada’s largest naval base?

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What is the capital of Yukon Territory?

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What is the capital of New Brunswick?

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What is the capital of Saskatchewan?

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Geographically, Canada is split into how many distinct regions?

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Between them, Ontario and Québec produce what percentage of Canadian manufactured goods?

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The largest port in Canada is in which province?

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Which province has the largest Aboriginal population in Canada?

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What is the size of Canada’s population?

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What is the capital of Northwest Territories?

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Which is the largest city in Canada?

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What is the capital of Manitoba?

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What is the capital of Prince Edward Island?

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Which province, with 40% of the arable land in Canada, was once known as “the breadbasket of the world”?

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Which Canadian province produces more oil and gas than any other in Canada?

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After Paris, the 2nd largest mainly French-speaking city in the world is…?

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The highest tides in the world rise in which Canadian province?

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Prince Edward Island is most famous, in terms of its agriculture, for the production of what?

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How many provinces does Canada have?

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What percentage of Canada’s population lives around the Great Lakes and the Saint Lawrence River?

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The population of Québec is nearly…?

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What is the capital of Nova Scotia?

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Which of the five Great Lakes is the only one that isn’t at least partly in Canada?

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What is the capital of Alberta?

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In terms of land mass, where does Canada rank amongst the countries of the world?

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What percentage of the population of Northwest Territories is Aboriginal?

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Which of these provinces is/was the oldest colony of the British Empire?

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Ontario contains more than what proportion of Canadian citizens?

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What is the capital of Nunavut?

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Roughly how big is Canada?

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Name the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador.

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The population of Nunavut is how much Inuit?

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What is the capital of Québec?

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Mount Logan, the highest mountain in Canada, is in what province or territory?

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Canada’s Regions
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