Levels of Government & Responsibilities

The following briefly outlines the responsibilities of each level of government. All Canadian citizenship exam questions are taken from the most recent ‘Discover Canada’ book:
ResponsibilitiesFederalProvincial & TerritorialMunicipal (local)
National Defencecanadian citizenship exam
Foreign Policycanadian citizenship exam
Citizenshipcanadian citizenship exam
Policingcanadian citizenship examcanadian citizenship exam (Ontario/Quebec)canadian citizenship exam
Criminal Justicecanadian citizenship exam
International Tradecanadian citizenship exam
Aboriginal Affairscanadian citizenship exam
Immigrationcanadian citizenship examcanadian citizenship exam
Agriculture canadian citizenship examcanadian citizenship exam
Environmentcanadian citizenship examcanadian citizenship exam
Educationcanadian citizenship exam
Health Carecanadian citizenship exam
Natural Resourcescanadian citizenship exam
Highwayscanadian citizenship exam
Property and Civil Rightscanadian citizenship exam
Social and Community Healthcanadian citizenship exam
Recycling Programscanadian citizenship exam
Transportation and Utilitiescanadian citizenship exam
Snow Removalcanadian citizenship exam
Firefightingcanadian citizenship exam
Emergency Servicescanadian citizenship exam
Garbage Removalcanadian citizenship exam
Urban or Regional Planningcanadian citizenship exam
Streets and Roadscanadian citizenship exam
Recreation Facilitiescanadian citizenship exam
Public Transitcanadian citizenship exam
[su_quote]Do you need more practice? Try our online mock test Canadian Citizenship Test[/su_quote] The Federal Government oversees issues of national importance such as the military, treasury, currency, national healthcare, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and external affairs. The Government of Canada has the right to collect tax from citizens’ income and other sources, such as the Goods and Services Tax (GST) to fund its operations. It operates under two official languages, English and French. Provincial governments oversee the laws concerning health services delivery, education, social and community services, provincial police forces, and other regional concerns. Like the federal government, provincial governments have the power to collect income taxes and provincial sales taxes (PST). Unlike the senior levels of government, local governments have no powers to levy income or sales taxes, but rather collect revenues from property taxes and depend upon federal and provincial cash transfers to operate their programs. Try our free Canadian citizenship exam questions. Our test quiz and flashcards are designed to help you prepare for and pass your Canadian Citizenship Test. Use this online tool to prepare for ‘Government & Responsibilities’ portion of the Discover Canada book.