Canadian Citizenship Test Essentials- How Hard Is It, And How Can I Prepare?

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Canadian Citizenship Test Essentials

Are you interested in becoming a Canadian citizen? You must be eligible for the Canadian citizenship test. Want to know how to apply for the exam and improve your chances of passing the exam on your first attempt?

This post covers official citizenship and how to prepare for it.

What is the Official Citizenship Test?

All applicants take the Canadian official citizenship test for citizens aged 18 to 54. Administered by the citizenship officials, it consists of 20 questions.

Applicants must answer the questions in 30 minutes, and to pass, you must answer 15 or more questions correctly.

Who can apply for the Canadian citizenship test?

You must meet a few requirements to apply or be eligible for the Canadian citizenship test.

  • You must be a permanent resident in Canada
  • You must have lived in Canada for three years out of the last five years
  • You must be 18 to 54 years
  • You must have filed your taxes as required by law
  • You must prove your language skills

The Department of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship has other requirements when:

  • Applying for a minor (a person aged 18 years and below)
  • A past Canadian citizen is applying for his or her citizenship back
  • A former or current Canadian Armed Forces member is applying under the fast-track process
  • A Canadian citizen is applying for an adopted child who was born outside of Canada

If you are a permanent resident of Canada, you may be ineligible for the citizenship test if:

  • You are under review for fraud or immigration reasons
  • You have unfulfilled conditions that relate to your permanent resident status
  • The Canadian officials have issued you with a removal order

What you need to know before applying for citizenship is this:

  • Make sure you are eligible
  • Review all documents received when you became a permanent resident in Canada.
  • If your permanent resident card expires, apply for a new one for citizenship eligibility.

Why Try Canadian Citizenship Practice Test Websites

Many people applying for Canadian citizenship always ask how to pass the Canadian citizenship test. One of the best ways permanent residents in Canada can pass the citizenship test is by reading Discover Canada.

Discover Canada is a study guide for the citizenship written exam. It contains information on:

The information will allow you to know more about Canada, its people, the justice system, and the government once you read the ebook. Besides reading Discover Canada, the other way to pass citizenship is by taking practice tests.

Taking practice tests allows you to determine your level of knowledge about Canada. While the practice questions available online are not official, they can help you review what you read.

The practice questions have multiple choices. Choose the correct answer before moving on to the next question.

Can I Afford Not Doing a Canada Citizenship test practice?

The simple answer is no. You must take the Canadian citizenship practice test to become a Canadian citizen. Even though the practice questions are not the official questions in the real test, they have several benefits.

First off, taking the practice tests means you have to read Discover Canada. This study guide is available online as a PDF or HTML document. You can also listen to it, download the guide or order a copy sent to your mailbox.

By reading the guide, you familiarize yourself with the rights and responsibilities of Canadians. Not only that. You learn Canadian history, geography, government, economy, symbols, and laws.

Second, the practice questions are usually based on Discover Canada, which is also true about the real test. As such, taking the practice test prepares you for the actual test. Practice tests can help you achieve your desired results.

Third, the practice test helps to reduce test anxiety. A majority of people who prepare for tests such as the Canadian citizenship test often experience anxiety. The reason is simple: they fear failing the test.

So, if you experience anxiety before a test, take the practice tests. They will improve your confidence before and during the real test.

Lastly, it reinforces learning. Studies show that taking practice tests is more beneficial than spending your time on re-study. This is because practice tests simulate both studying and revision. As such, they encourage earlier learning and allow for space out learning.

Is It Enough To Take One Canadian Citizenship Practice Quiz?

No, it’s not. The reason is that it’s challenging to retain all the information read in the Discover Canada guide for the first time. As said earlier, Discover Canada contains a variety of topics. They touch on Canadians’ history, government, rights, and responsibilities.

So, if it’s your first or even tenth time reading Discover Canada, you may fail to master a few topics. This is what practice questions are for. They help to improve your memory retention and master the topics in the study guide.

Remember, you must answer 15 questions correctly to pass the Canadian Citizenship test. If you fail on your first attempt but still meet other citizenship requirements, the officials will reschedule you for a second test.

The second test takes place 4 to 8 weeks after your first test. In some cases, it may be longer. What if I fail the second test?

If you fail the second test, the officials will send you a notice requiring you to attend a hearing with a citizenship official. The hearing lasts for 30 to 90 minutes. You can attend the hearing in person or via video conference.

The hearing is commonly used to test your knowledge of Canada, the language, and others. If you don’t pass the test for the third time, the officials will refuse your application. The good news is you can reapply again.