Canadian Citizenship Test Questions 06

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Who circled the globe in a wheelchair to raise funds for spinal cord research?

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Postwar Canada became a more flexible and open society. Which of the following was this based on?

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In World War II, Canada contributed more to the air efforts of the Allied nations than any other Commonwealth country. What did they provide?

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When did the British North America Act come into effect?

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When did Canada's economy and industry experience a boom?

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Where do the majority of Canadians live?

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For which of the following are municipal governments responsible?

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Who has the right to run for a post in federal elections?

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What are the main functions of the Cabinet?

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Who was the first Prime Minister of the Dominion of Canada?

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Which of the following is the industrial and manufacturing heartland of Canada?

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What is the last line of our National Anthem?

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Who appoints the judges of the Supreme Court of Canada?

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Who is the Queen's representative in Canadian provinces?

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Who recommended that Upper and Lower Canada be merged and given a sole responsible government?

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What is a name by which the highest trial court of a province can be called?

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What do electors need to have with them at a polling station in order to vote in an election?

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What is the minimum age for voting in federal, provincial, territorial, and municipal elections?

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What is "due process"?

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Why is there a border between Canada and the USA?

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Who built the French Empire in North America?

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What are the three main types of industries in Canada?

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Who was the first person to draw a map of Canada's eastern coast?

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Which province in Canada is the smallest by land size?

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Which province is Canada's largest producer of hydroelectricity?

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Canadian Citizenship Test Questions

Prepare for the citizenship exam with these free Canadian citizenship test questions. Time yourself and develop your exam technique.

The practice tests in this section offer you the opportunity to learn:
Rights of the Canadian citizenship:
Equality in men and women
Citizenship Responsibilities:
Following the rules
Service on a jury
Understanding and taking responsibilities
Protection and celebration of heritage
Defending the country

APNATORONTO has been able to stand out from the rest due to the fact that the tests that we offer are FREE and of high quality. The primary material required to prepare for the exam is Discover Canada Book “The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship”:

Maybe you are interested in becoming a Canadian citizen. You are wondering what you are supposed to do to become one. Just like any country, there are certain requirements that you should fulfill for you to become a citizen of Canada. But there is one requirement that makes the process of acquiring Canadian citizenship a bit challenging when compared with other countries in the world. This is the country where you will be required to sit for an exam. It is called the Canadian Citizenship Test. You need to prepare for Canadian citizenship test questions adequately before sitting for this very important test.

To become a Canadian citizen, you must pass this test. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied herein, its authors,, its employees, and associates cannot be held responsible for any damages occurring due to errors or omissions.

Canadian Citizenship Test Questions 06
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