Citizenship Test Canada 07

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What is the first language of more than three-quarters of the population of Quebec?

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Which country is Canada's largest trading partner?

Question 2 of 25

How is the Prime Minister of Canada appointed?

Question 3 of 25

What is the usual tenure of the Governor General of Canada?

Question 4 of 25

What do the symbols on the coats of arms on Canadian bills represent?

Question 5 of 25

Which of the following are four distinct regions in Canada?

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Which of the following was a key phrase in the British North America Act of 1867 (Canada's original constitutional document)?

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What is the name of the national police force of Canada?

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When did "Canada" become the official name of the land?

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When is Remembrance Day in Canada?

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For which of the following is the Municipal Government responsible?

Question 11 of 25

When people need a representative to act on their behalf in a court of law, who should they hire?

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The provinces are responsible for which of the following?

Question 13 of 25

The Great Lakes are all located in which Canadian Province?

Question 14 of 25

Which one of the following governments provides 'publicly-funded' education?

Question 15 of 25

Which of the following people were Loyalists?

Question 16 of 25

Which of the following songs is Canada's national anthem?

Question 17 of 25

What are the colors on the Canadian Flag?

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When did Canada's first financial institutions open?

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Where have most immigrants come from since the 1970s?

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What are the three levels of government in Canada?

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If the government loses a confidence vote in the assembly, they:

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What are members of the House of Commons also known as?

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Who was Sir George-Étienne Cartier?

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What is the meaning of the right to a secret ballot?

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Citizenship Test Canada

These citizenship tests contain questions that test your knowledge of "The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship". The tests are not negatively marked but accuracy is essential so try not to rush or guess. Practice makes perfect. The actual Canadian citizenship test will cover the same concepts as this practice test does, but the questions will be different. APNATORONTO has been able to stand out from the rest due to the fact that the tests that we offer are FREE and of high quality. The only official study guide for the Canadian citizenship test is Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship, available from Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at no cost.

This site features good resources that will help you perform better in the Citizenship Test Canada. You will find a study guide and practice tests that will help you to prepare for the test. You are advised to do as many practice tests as you can. This will enable you to get the experience of handling questions when the real test is taken. Practice makes perfect!

To become a Canadian citizen, you must pass this test. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied herein, its authors,, its employees, and associates cannot be held responsible for any damages occurring due to errors or omissions.

Citizenship Test Canada 07
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