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APNATORONTO.COM Development Team has created this powerful FREE online practice quiz engine to help you quickly prepare for the Canadian Citizenship Test. We have 10 sections of this citizenship quiz, each section consists of 25 multiple choice questions.


How many judges serve in the Supreme Court of Canada?

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Which is the largest religious affiliation in Canada?

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Which of the following is the responsibility of the federal government of Canada?

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What is Canada's system of political governance called?

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How many provinces and territories does Canada have?

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Traditionally, how often are Members of Parliament elected?

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Where do the majority of Francophones live?

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How many Canadians have been awarded the Victoria Cross?

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For how long was the title "Dominion of Canada" officially used?

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Who, among these, is a Nobel Prize-winning Canadian scientist?

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Today, diversity enriches the lives of Canadians. Where is diversity most seen?

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Which is the most popular spectator sport of Canada?

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Who is considered Canada's greatest soldier?

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What are the parties that are not in power called?

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What was the main trade of the first companies formed in Canada?

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Which of the following is the responsibility of municipal governments?

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Which of the following represents protecting and enjoying heritage and environment in Canada?

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Who elects members to the House of Commons in Ottawa, and to the provincial and territorial legislatures?

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Who started the Marathon of Hope?

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When were female Canadian citizens over the age of 21 granted the right to vote in federal elections?

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Which of the following is a responsibility of the provincial government?

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How many Canadians were killed in World War I, from 1914-1918?

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How does a bill become the law in Canada?

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What is the highest medal of honor presented to Canadians?

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In 1980, Terry Fox began a cross-country run, the 'Marathon of Hope.' What was its purpose?

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Citizenship Practice Test

This citizenship practice test includes examples of all question types found in the actual Canadian citizenship test. You may take as much time as you like to complete the practice test. However, the actual test will be timed. You may take the practice test as many times as you wish. However, you will be allowed to take the actual test only once. You will have to write the actual test in person at the CIC office near you. You will not be permitted to bring any electronic devices to the test. The students can prepare themselves by going through the Discover Canada book. APNATORONTO has been able to stand out from the rest because the tests that we offer are FREE and of high quality.

You must not miss your Canadian Citizenship Test unless there is a strong reason for that. Tests are administered on specific days. This is communicated in advance to enable you to prepare accordingly. You should provide CIC with your contact details so that you can get timely information regarding the test.

In conclusion, this is how to prepare for the Canadian Test. Just make sure that you read relevant books, attend Canadian citizenship classes, read study guide, practice with our free citizenship practice test and prepare yourself psychologically before sitting for the test. You will pass!

To become a Canadian citizen, you must pass this test. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information supplied herein, its authors,, its employees, and associates cannot be held responsible for any damages occurring due to errors or omissions.

Free Citizenship Practice Test 08
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