Canadian Symbols

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How long has the crown been a symbol of state in Canada?

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Curling was introduced into Canada by immigrants from what country?

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Which Canadian symbol can be found on the five cent coin?

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On what day of the year do Canadians celebrate Sir John A. McDonald Day?

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The Maple Leaf has appeared on Canadian military uniforms since when?

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The highest award for bravery available to Canadian service people is…?

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The Canadian national motto, A mari usque ad mare, means what?

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The beaver was first used as a symbol in Canada by…?

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Who was the first constitutional monarch of Canada?

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The last Canadian, up to the present day, to the awarded the Victoria Cross was in which year?

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The Peace Tower in the Parliament Buildings was built to commemorate…?

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Before the current Canadian flag, what was used for around a century before?

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The Canadian coat of arms does not contain a symbol from which country?

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Which sport has more registered players in Canada than any other?

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Canada has been a constitutional monarchy in its own right since when?

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In what century did French Canadians adapt maple leaves as their symbol?

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In 1967 Canada began its own honours system with what?

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Which of these French symbols was adopted into Québec’s own flag in 1940?

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Canadian Thanksgiving Day is on the second Monday of which month?

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What is the most popular spectator sport in Canada?

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Canadian Labour Day is on the first Monday of which month?

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What is the official summer sport of Canada?

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The highest prize in women’s hockey in Canada is what?

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The Books of Remembrance in the Peace Tower hold the names of…?

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The current Canadian flag has been in use since when?

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What’s Canada’s second most popular sport?

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The Canadian national anthem is called what?

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The National Hockey League championship is played for what?

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The red-white-red pattern of the Canadian flag comes from the flag of where?

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Red and white have been the national colours of Canada since…?

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Canadian Symbols
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