Important Maintenance Tips for Drivers Who Are Faced With Extreme Driving Conditions

Extreme usually is associated with games, but there is also something known as extreme driving, which occurs when you are faced with extreme driving conditions. Typically, these conditions occur during vacations, when families enjoy non-stop and no-holds barred driving. These extreme driving conditions take a toll not just on you, but also on your vehicle. It is important you maintain your vehicle before putting it through extreme driving conditions.

Preparing Your Vehicle

By ensuring you maintain your vehicle before you set out, keeps your vehicle’s performance optimal. You will not have to worry about break downs or issues while you are on the road. So, here are some tips to prepare your vehicle for extreme driving conditions:

Prep the Exterior: Make it a point to regularly clean, wash, and wax your vehicle. This will enhance its lifespan by reducing rust and wear and tear. This cleaning also will ensure your vehicle looks aesthetically pleasing which will increase your spirit and morale. Regular cleaning maintains the resale value of your vehicle.

Extreme Driving Conditions

Windshield Wipers: Extreme driving means having optimal visibility while driving fast. You never know when the weather changes for the worse and it is best to be prepared for it for your safety and others. So, change the windshield wipers before you set off on your journey. Basically, you should be looking to replace the wipers once a year under normal conditions.

Oil Change: Even though you may not know how the engine works, there are some things you should never ignore. This includes engine oil. It is the oil what makes your engine perform optimally. So, fill a motor oil that is formulated for extreme driving conditions. If you have a gas-fueled engine, use a synthetic motor oil that offers high performance and contains anti-wear additives to reduce wear and tear on the engine. This will come to good stead when you are putting stress on your vehicle during stop-and-go driving conditions and when climbing steep inclines.

In case you intend to drive on freeways where speed is not an obstacle, flip the switch for a premium motor oil that is completely synthetic and fulfills the requirements of your engine. It will ensure outstanding performance of your vehicle.

Fuel System: Take your vehicle to a reliable and golden car workshop where you can have the fuel system of the engine cleaned. The insides of the fuel system are not visible to the naked eye, but a lot of deposits and debris can build up inside the fuel injectors, combustion chamber and valves. If you like, you can clean the fuel system yourself by using a fuel system cleaner. This cleaner dissolves deposits when you fire up the engine. This will help restore power and get rid of hesitation and rough idling.

Things to Consider

When you are driving in extreme conditions, it is important to remember a few things that will ensure you get good performance from your vehicle.

First, never push your car during extreme driving conditions. While you may have prepped your car for these conditions, you still need to pay attention to it. Analyze how your vehicle handles different extreme conditions and adjust your driving accordingly.

Inspect the Brakes: Before you hit the highway or freeway, take some time out to inspect the brakes for wear and tear. Usually, brakes take time to deteriorate and many factors, such as driving conditions, terrain, driving style and climate, come into play.

However, in extreme driving conditions, brakes are put through a lot of stress and strain and this causes them to deteriorate quicker than they would under normal driving conditions. If your car makes a screeching sound while driving, you have to replace the brake pads. You also have to worry if you hear strange noises or face veering of the steering wheel while braking. Make sure you hit the nearest car repair shop if this occurs.

Unusual Sounds: Keep your ears open for any unusual sounds. If you hear squeaks, rattles, or screeches, it is a sign that something in your car has worn out or is broken. If you cannot find it yourself, it is time to visit a local or your mechanic so they can find the problem and fix it. Do this before you carry on with your driving.

Extreme driving can be thrilling and get your adrenaline pumping. However, if your vehicle does not keep up with you, there is no way you will reach your destination. So, make it a point to get your vehicle ready for extreme driving conditions. This way, you will have the thrill of driving the way you want to and also ensure your vehicle keeps up with you regardless of the climate, terrain, and driving style. Make sure you make vehicle maintenance a routine part of car ownership, so that you will always be ready to get somewhere no matter what the road conditions are.

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