Federal Elections

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What do you call the political party with the second largest number of seats in the federal government?

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The Prime Minister and government ministers collectively are called what?

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To vote in an election or referendum, how far must you register in advance?

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In order to run in a federal election you must be at least what age?

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Who is responsible for running government departments?

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How many electoral districts (a.k.a. ridings or constituencies) are there in Canada?

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Federal elections are held on the third Monday in which month?

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Which of these is not a major political party in Canada?

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How many people can run for office in a single electoral district?

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Who has the right to demand that you tell them how you voted in an election?

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If you can’t vote on election day, how can you vote?

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To be valid, your vote has to consist of what drawn in the circle next to the name of your chosen candidate?

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What is the piece of paper you vote on called?

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What are the laws passed by municipal governments that only affect the local community?

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Which of these maintains the National Register of Electors?

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In Federal Elections, Canadians vote for whom?

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Which of these does not fall under the responsibilities of a municipal government?

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Federal Elections
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