How Canadians Govern Themselves

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Canada is…?

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How many judges are there in the Supreme Court of Canada?

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The Canadian Government must resign if they lose what sort of vote in Parliament?

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The elected part of the Parliament of Canada is called what?

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Traditionally, Canada holds Parliamentary elections every…?

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Who selects Canada’s Cabinet ministers?

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Which of these is not a branch of Canadian government?

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Members of the House of Commons are responsible for…?

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Canadian Senators serve until they reach what age?

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How old do you have to be to vote in Canada?

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Who appoints the Lieutenant Governors in Canada?

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Lieutenant Governors usually serve terms of…?

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Which of these policy areas would come under the control of the provinces?

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Which of these terms describe the Canadian Prime Minister?

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In the three territories, the federal government is represented by what?

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The federal government sits where?

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How many times must a bill be “read” in the House of Commons before it becomes law?

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Which of these is not part of Parliament?

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The provinces are governed by…?

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The Canadian Governor General usually serves a term of…?

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The equivalent of the Prime Minister in the federal government is called what in each province?

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Who appoints the Canadian Governor General?

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Who grants Royal assent for bills to become law on behalf of the Sovereign?

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Which part of the Parliament of Canada has members appointed by the Governor General?

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How many other nations is Canada linked to through the Commonwealth?

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A provincial legislature comprises the elected Assembly and…?

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Which of these policy areas would come under federal government?

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To become law in Canada, a bill has to…?

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Proposed laws for debate in Parliament are called what?

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What is a law called before it is official?

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How Canadians Govern Themselves
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