Canadian Immigration Interview - Migrating

We have created this online practice interview questions to help you quickly prepare for the Canadian Immigration Interview for skilled worker category. The following questions can help you prepare so that you feel confident going into your interview.
  1. Why do you want to immigrate to Canada?
  2. How does your wife feel about going to Canada?
  3. What do your children think of your possible move to Canada?
  4. What influenced your decision to leave your country?
  5. Why didn’t you apply to Immigrate earlier?
  6. Have you ever been to Canada before?
  7. Is there any specific reason why you chose Canada as your destination?
  8. What will you do in Canada?
  9. What are your plans if you fail this interview?
  10. Do you have your family or friends in Canada?
  11. What are your preparations for leaving your country?
  12. Which city in Canada do you want to go to? Why did you decide on that city?
  13. Have you found out about the cost of living in your intended destination?
  14. How will you prepare for the initial settlement if you pass the interview?
  15. Do you use the service of an immigration lawyer/firm?
  16. Did anyone tell you what to say in your application?
  17. Did anybody train you for the interview?
  18. Why did you use Immigration lawyer’s services? Couldn’t you have submitted the papers yourself?
  19. How much did you pay to the immigration lawyer?