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Canadian football teams compete in the Canadian Football League for which trophy?

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What organizations has Canada joined?

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Federal government (un)employment insurance was introduced in Canada in which year?

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Canadian James Naismith invented which sport in 1891?

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In which year did Donovan Bailey of Canada break the 100m world record and become a double Olympic gold medallist?

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When was the Canadian Pension Plan introduced?

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In which year did Canada pass the threshold that more than 50% of its population had adequate food, shelter, and clothing?

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Canadian company Research in Motion is best known for its invention which communications device?

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Widely regarded as the greatest hockey player of all time, which Canadian team did Wayne Gretzky play for between 1979 and 1988?

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Which of these is currently Canada’s largest trade partner?

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Which war did Canadian troops fight in as part of a United Nations force between 1950 and 1953?

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Canada’s modern energy industry began with the discovery of oil in 1947 in which province?

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What have Canadians Sidney Altman, Richard Lee Taylor, Michael Smith, Bertram Brockhouse, Gerhardt Hertzberg, and John Polanyi all got in common?

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What is Canada’s official summer sport?

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Terry Fox, a British Columbian, tried to run across Canada in the “Marathon of Hope” to raise money for what?

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Who developed the Standard Time Zone system?

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How many times have referendums produced a negative result for Québec sovereignty?

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In 1975, Canada welcomed over 50,000 refugees from which country?

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When was La Francophonie founded?

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In what year was an Act passed which guarantees equal access to French and English federal government services?

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The period of rapid change in Québec in the 1960s was called what?

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Canadians Sir Frederick Banting and Charles Best discovered which revolutionary drug?

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Perhaps Canada’s best-known contribution to the visual arts is…?

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Which of these was not invented by a Canadian inventor?

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Who were the last group of Canadians, in 1960, to get the vote?

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Modern Canada
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