Motorcycle Riding Tips: Preparing for a Safe Ride

Motorcyclists can be ill-perceived when it comes to safety. Some auto drivers tend to think that motorcyclists drive with reckless abandon, given the free-spirit association attached to riding a cycle. While some cyclists do not play it safe, most motorcyclists adhere to the rules of the road. After riding a while, most cyclists also know they need to drive defensively, especially since drivers in trucks and autos sometimes cannot see them in their mirrors.

Motorcycles Lack Seat Belts – Therefore, You Need to Use Precautions

While motorcycles are fun to ride, they also do not feature the same amenities as cars for playing it safe on the road. For instance, cycles do not have an outside frame to absorb the forces of a crash. Therefore, if you are involved in an accident, you and your bike are equally at risk. Motorcycles also do not feature seatbelts, which increases the potential that you may be thrown from your bike. Motorcycles, with only two wheels, also are not as stable as automobiles.

Take a Motorcycle Safety Course

Therefore, understanding these risks can better help you determine what you need to do to stay safe and secure on the roadway, whether you are traveling on smooth asphalt or taking a rocky and bumpy road. One of the best ways to stay safe is to start by taking a safety course. In most states in the U.S., you need to take a skills test in order to obtain a motorcycle license. You can think of the course then as driver’s education training on two wheels instead of four.

Courses of this nature teach the motorcyclist about how to respond in an emergency and how to avoid any unsafe situations. If you want to enhance your confidence level when riding a bike or even wish to use the course to lower your insurance cost, it is imperative you schedule this kind of training. A course is also an ideal way to get acquainted with certain brands of cycles. Many dealers offer safety courses and some dealerships even provide promotional materials or discounts to customers who have completed safety education. Test your knowledge with our Free M1 Test.

Motorcycle Riding Tips

Buying the Proper Gear and Attire

Because you ride a motorcycle in the open air, it is essential that you are outfitted with the right type of gear. You may have seen riders dressed in a tank shirt and shorts and even flip-flops. However, you are definitely not playing it safe by behaving so cavalier. Even if you were not involved in a head-on crash, you might still lose control and slide along the pavement – not something you want to do when you lack the proper attire.

Therefore, there is a reason that a biker wears leather. The material is durable enough to safeguard the skin and can keep the driver safe, while he is riding, from such small road hazards as rocks, cigarette butts, and insects. When you are traveling at 60 miles per hour or around 97 kilometers per hour, even a small rock can produce a hellacious sting.

Armored Apparel

However, you do not have to look like you are trying out for a part in the remake of “Easy Rider” when riding a bike. You can also buy armored motorcycle gear, which is not made of leather materials. Vented motorcycle jackets are sold that keep the rider looking “cool” while playing it safe. The highly innovative suits are made of a breathable, lightweight fabric but also feature heavy-duty armor panels that rest in such areas as the elbows, spine, and shoulders.

Naturally, when you can wear leather or an armored motor suit, you don’t want to neglect your fragile feet by wearing flip-flops. The right shoes are all-important to safely riding a bike. In order to shift gears on a cycle, you lift up with the toes. Therefore, any opened-toe shoe can cause a good deal of discomfort. You are also sitting on the exhaust system and engine when riding – all which can get pretty hot. Therefore, it is easy to burn your toes and feet as well.

The kind of shoes you want to wear while riding then are not only protective but rugged. Shoes should feature a sturdy support around the ankles and a low heel. Pick a shoe that makes balancing easier. The leather is always a good choice in a closed toe upper design or boot.