This Ontario Air Brake practice test, with multiple choice questions, is intended to help you prepare for the written part of the air brake test that is required before you can get your Z endorsement.

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The low air pressure warning device is defective if it fails to activate at a minimum level of...?

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Brake lining is the friction material that is fastened to...?

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When testing the spring brakes on a towing vehicle and trailer, it is preferable to perform the test on...?

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The outer cover of an air line has been damaged, but there is no leak to the inner tube. What action should you take?

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Brake lining can be contaminated by...?

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A tractor hauling two or more trailers must not lose air pressure with the brakes fully applied at a rate of more than...?

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The drive belt of an air compressor should give slightly under...?

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When the air pressure has been reduced to below 552 kPa, it should then be able to rise from 587 kPa to 690 kPa within...?

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The amount of air loss from a system should be measured with the brake fully applied for how long?

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Spring brakes should be tested by applying the brakes and...?

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The minimum pressure for compressor cut-in is...?

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When applying a test to the spring brakes, the test is only passed if...?

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The discovery of a small quantity of oil is only no cause for concern if it comes from...?

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When checking air brake chambers, you should be looking out for...?

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Actual cut-out pressure must never be higher than...?

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You must never make an inspection of your brakes unless...?

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When checking a vehicle's brake drums, you should be looking out for...?

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You should begin a test of the low air pressure warning device with the pressure above...?

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The maximum allowable air loss for a tractor and trailer when the brakes are applied is...?

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Air compressors should always be inspected with...?

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An air pressure buildup time test should be made with the engine idling between...?

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If air brake chambers on different sides off and axle are different sizes, this may cause...?

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A straight truck, tractor or bus must not lose air pressure with the brakes fully applied at a rate of more than...?

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If a vehicle has a foundation brake defect, the Ontario Highway Traffic Act specifies that it may not...?

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The amount of moisture discharged from tanks other than the supply tank should be...?

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Air brake chamber leaks must be inspected for with...?

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A tractor protection valve should be tested by disconnecting the trailer service line and then...?

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The recommended way to test a trailer's automatic spring brakes is to...?

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You should make sure that air tanks are securely attached to the vehicle by...?

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The application of the automatic trailer spring brakes can be confirmed by...?

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Getting Ready to Drive Commercial Vehicle? Prepare With Ontario Air Brake Practice Test

Getting a commercial vehicle’s driving license is usually a slightly complex, demanding, and systematic procedure than acquiring a regular car license. Anybody who wants to drive a commercial vehicle in Canada is subjected to a compulsory road test and written air brake tests as per the law’s mandates.

The tests are simple but challenging. The Ontario Air Brake Practice Test is your best friend during your preparation for the test. Use the Ontario Air Brake Practice Test to prepare for the test and avoid wastage of money and time.

Below is all you require to know about the test and why you should prepare with the Ontario Air Brake Practice Test.

What does the Ontario Air Brake Test examine?

Candidates taking the examination prove that they are qualified to handle the relevant trucks that they chose. Candidates that pass the test receive the Ontario Class A or Class D Driver License.

The tests also examine knowledge and skills on air brakes systems. Candidates who wish to drive commercial vehicles with air brake systems take the test. Drivers that pass air brake written test receive the Air Brake Z endorsement.

How can you prepare using the Ontario Air Brake Practice Test?

The Ontario Official Air Brake Handbook for practice is available in several online platforms which are accessible to all drivers. The handbook is full of relevant questions and answers for any commercial truck driver — driving instructions and information from the ministry in charge of transport.

The questions are compiled from previous tests taken by former candidates. Predictions are also made for probable questions for every year. Use the Ontario Air Brake Practice Test to start early preparations and avoid the last minute cramming of crucial information.

ontario air brake practice testWhere and when to Write the Ontario Air Brake Test?

A good number of test centers is available in Ontario to facilitate your acquisition of the Commercial truck driving license. There is a good number of locations for the driving tests on different days.

Make sure to book an appointment for your practical test within the location you can easily access on the day of the test. Take time to prepare using the Ontario Air Brake Practice Test Questions and handbook before you book for a test.

How Long Does the Test Take?

The test typically takes approximately 40-70 minutes. The examiner breaks down all that is expected of you before you commence your driving test. Once your trial starts, the examiner fills out your marks in the score-sheet to the last minute.
After you complete the driving test examination, you are subjected to the air brake written test. Some centers may give you a written copy while other test centers will have you taking the written test online.

Requirements for taking the Test?

Before you make the driving test, your examiner will have to check and verify some identification documents. You will be asked to produce an ID or passport, and medical report ascertaining that you fully fit to take the test.

After the test, you will be required to produce a hard copy of your road test confirmation sent to your email. Proof of payment for the knowledge test will be required before you start the air brake driving system.

The Official Ontario Air Brake Handbook is useful in your preparation for the Ontario air brake practice test and the air brake written test. The handbook has guided the larger majority of the qualified drives of Commercial vehicles in Canada.

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