If you aspire to a career as a truck driver in Ontario, the first step you need to take is to apply to get a truck driver’s license. This handy AZ written test Ontario will give you the information you need to begin the process.
A black square within a green circle means that...?

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Pedestrian crossovers are marked by...?

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If your vehicle needs an "Oversize Load" sign, it must be visible for at least...?

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A flashing yellow light on a traffic light means...?

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If a number and "km/h” is posted underneath a curve warning sign, it indicates...?

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When you see a flashing green light, you...?

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When driving through a construction zone, you should remember that if you are caught speeding, your fine will be doubled if...?

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Which of these lines separates traffic traveling in opposite directions?

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Drivers over the age of 65 who hold a commercial vehicle driver's licence (apart from Class D) are required to file a medical report every...?

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What is the trigger level of demerit points on your licence which may require you to attend interview?

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If there is no crosswalk or stop line at an urban intersection you should stop...?

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A flashing red light at a traffic light means...?

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The placard indicating a long commercial vehicle is...?

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You should carry your Ontario driver's licence with you...?

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Unless the sign indicates otherwise, you may turn right on a red light if...?

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If traffic lights have lost electrical power, you should...?

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If you accumulate 15 demerit points on your Ontario driver's licence, it will be suspended for...?

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A solid line to the left of your lane means...?

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Rectangular green signs with white letters are usually...?

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A steady yellow or amber light on a traffic light means...?

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If you see broken lines that are wider and closer together than regular broken lines on your left, that usually means that...?

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A transit priority signal on a traffic light is...?

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Class D licence holders up to age 80 are subject to a Class D knowledge test and vision test every _____ at time of licence renewal.

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If you change your name or address, you must inform the Ministry of Transportation within...?

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You may turn left on a red light if you have come to a complete stop and...?

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If your vehicle load exceeds the dimensions prescribed under Section 109 of the Highway Traffic Act, it must be marked with bright red orange warning flags at least...?

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Who is responsible for making sure that you have a valid driver's licence?

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A hazard sign with black and yellow lines descending from left to right indicates that you may safely pass...?

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If you have a commercial vehicle driver's licence (apart from Class D) and are under the age of 46, you must submit a medical report to the authorities every...?

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When a pedestrian has a walk signal in their favor, they have right-of-way over...?

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AZ Written Test Ontario

Passing the AZ written test Ontario is as easy as 1 2 3 using our online interactive  AZ practice test questions. Please note study for this Ontario truck driver license test is completely FREE.

A class “A” holder allowed to drive any tractor-trailer combination May also drive vehicle in class D and G. A class “A” licence does not permit you to drive a bus carrying passengers, a motorcycle or a moped.

When you apply for a truck driver’s licence you must take a knowledge test. However, you don’t have to take this test without preparation. You will have learned most of the information required in your driver education course, but also provides this free practice test online so you can get an idea of what to expect on the actual test.

Class A licence holder is allowed to drive any tractor-trailer combination May also drive vehicle in class D and G. A “Z” air brake endorsement is required on a driver’s licence to operate any air brake equipped motor vehicle.

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