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Motorcycle M1 Quiz – Rules 5

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Question 1
According to the law in Ontario, the motorcyclist and the passenger have to…
Stay away from driving at night.
Wear brightly colored apparel all the time.
Carry tools along all the time.
Wear proper helmets approved by official standards. The helmets must be affixed with the chin-strap securely fastened.
Question 1 Explanation: 
Ensure that the helmet you are using meets the state standards that are specified. The helmets should be sturdy and in good condition.
Question 2
If another vehicle suddenly stop in front of you or pulls out of a lane and gets in your way what do you need to do to avert an accident?
Apply both brakes and come to a halt.
Apply just the front brakes.
Turn or move out of the way fast.
Use your horn and alert the other driver.
Question 2 Explanation: 
There are situations where braking might not prevent hitting something in your way and it is important to move out of the path. Do so by leaning your motorcycle in the direction you want to go.
Question 3
A broken line at the left of your lane means:
You may pass if the way is clear
Never pass
Pass at any time
Pass only during day light hours
Question 4
If you are stopped at an intersection behind a vehicle and notice another vehicle approaching from the back and it poses the risk of hitting you and causing an accident you need to prepare to…
Speed up and shift lanes.
Get closer to the vehicle in front of you.
Maintain your current position.
Move out of the way and pull alongside the vehicle ahead of you.
Question 4 Explanation: 
Even when stopped at an intersection, it is important to keep an eye out for everything on the road.
Question 5
When preparing to drive an unfamiliar motorcycle, it is important to…
Check the style of the motorcycle.
Check the size of the motorcycle.
Check the brakes first.
Ensure you have your helmet.
Question 5 Explanation: 
After you have tested the braking system, study the controls of the motorcycle. Placement and functions of controls can vary and it is important to get acquainted with those of a new motorcycle before driving it.
Question 6
Is it permissible to carry passengers with an M1 license?
No, it is against the law to carry passengers.
One can do so on a moped while maintaining a speed that is under 60 km/h.
One can carry passengers on a motorcycle as long as a speed of below 60 km/h is maintained.
It is permissible in case one is driving a moped.
Question 6 Explanation: 
With only an M1 license, it is illegal to carry passengers. And regardless of the stage in the license program one cannot carry passengers on a moped.
Question 7
Is it possible to drive your motorcycle in Ontario if you are from another province?
It is possible if you are at least 18 years of age and have a valid license.
It is possible if you are at least 21 years of age and have a valid license.
It is possible if you are at least 16 years of age and have a valid motorcycle license.
It is possible if you are at least 18 years of age and have a valid motorcycle license.
Question 7 Explanation: 
You must apply for an Ontario motorcycle license in case you plan to stay longer than 60 days.
Question 8
In case a motorcycle’s colour is changed, what are you required to do?
Inform the Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office within 6 days of the change.
Simply adhere to all road safety standards and no other action is needed.
Inform the Driver and Vehicle License Issuing Office in a period of 60 days from the change.
One has to apply for an emissions test with Drive Clean.
Question 8 Explanation: 
A vehicle registration involves a license plate and a vehicle permit. The latter requires an exact description of the vehicle so any change to the appearance has to be registered.
Question 9
How does cold weather influence the motorcycle’s functioning?
It results in the brake fluid freezing.
It decreases the pressure of the tires.
It results in the handlebars freezing.
It reduces the temperature of the engine oil.
Question 9 Explanation: 
To combat this problem. it is important to keep a regular track of the tire pressure.
Question 10
What is the trick to making a quick turn or swerve for averting a collision?
Quickly lean the motorcycle and proceed to turn in the direction you want to go.
All of the above
Raise the throttle and increase the speed and then come to a stop.
Slowly tilt your motorcycle in the direction you want to turn and drive.
Question 10 Explanation: 
To prevent a crash, one can quickly lean the motorcycle in the intended direction and continue driving.
Question 11
In a given situation where you have your M2, preferably M license, how will your motorcycle react if you carry passengers?
The motorcycle will react quickly due to the extra weight.
All the mentioned statements are false.
The motorcycle will react more slowly due to the extra weight.
There will be no difference in how the motorcycle reacts with or without the passenger.
Question 11 Explanation: 
When you are carrying a passenger, drive slowly, and keep distance as the motorcycle will react slowly due to the extra weight.
Question 12
When commencing to drive on a hill, what should a motorcyclist avoid? (Choose 2)
One should avoid shifting into first gear.
One should avoid stalling.
One should keep from rolling backwards.
When starting the engine, one should not use the front brakes.
Question 12 Explanation: 
In order to prevent stalling or rolling backwards, one should gently use the front brakes to aid the motorcycle and then shift into the first gear.
Question 13
When you are driving it is dangerous to attempt to…
Glance about you.
Adjust your mirrors.
Switch on the motorcycle’s four-way flashers.
Carry a pillion rider along.
Question 13 Explanation: 
Do not attempt to adjust the mirrors when you are driving. Also, do not rely solely on the mirrors; looking over the shoulder is important too.
Question 14
On your motorcycle tires, what is the minimum depth of the tire tread that you should have?
1.5 mm
3.5 mm
2.5 mm
4.5 mm
Question 14 Explanation: 
The traction and the braking ability of your motorcycle will be negatively affected in case of improper tire tread. The tire tread should be even and a minimum depth of the tire tread should be 1.5mm to ensure best braking.
Question 15
Motorcycle registration includes which documents?
It includes insurance coverage and a vehicle permit.
None of the above
It includes insurance coverage and a license plate.
It includes a vehicle permit and a license plate.
Question 15 Explanation: 
The public roads in Ontario require every vehicle to have a license plate. Along with the registration, one also receives a vehicle permit.
Question 16
Which kind of mirrors give an image showing objects at a farther distance than they actually are?
Flat mirrors.
Mirrors those are broken.
Mirrors that are tinted.
Convex mirrors.
Question 16 Explanation: 
Since mirrors do not present a 100% accurate image of the road it is important to also check over the shoulder. Mirrors give a strong general idea of the situation but it is essential to check yourself, as well.
Question 17
While approaching an intersection you notice a vehicle to you right is stopped at a stop sign. You should…
Shift to the right tire track and decrease your speed.
Accelerate to speed up and then shift to the right.
Accelerate to speed up and then shift to the left.
Move to the left tire track and decrease your speed.
Question 17 Explanation: 
It is important to shift to the left tire track as this makes you more visible to the other driver and clears chances of collision.
Question 18
What is the role played by road race or clamp-on handlebars?
They reduce the capacity to execute good shoulder checks but ensure an unflagging journey.
They increase the capacity to execute good shoulder checks.
They reduce the capacity to perform good shoulder checks and can cause you to tire easily.
They raise the capacity to execute good shoulder checks and make sure you don’t get tired quickly.
Question 18 Explanation: 
Even though these add-ons look attractive, they hinder one’s ability to perform shoulder checks and can also cause you to become tired quickly.
Question 19
When driving a motorcycle, it is compulsory to carry which documents at all times?
Just the pink liability insurance card is required.
You should carry your driver’s license, pink liability insurance card, and permit.
None of the above
Just the valid driver’s license is needed.
Question 19 Explanation: 
If asked by a law enforcement officer one has to present these documents on spot. You will not be given a window period to produce these documents. Failure in complying with this policy will immediately result in a fine.
Question 20
If you make modifications to a motorcycle what should you ensure first?
Make sure that the modifications are made properly.
All answers are correct.
Make sure the safety and the performance of the vehicle is not affected in any manner.
Make sure the modifications comply with the Highway Traffic Act.
Question 20 Explanation: 
Assess the possible effects of modifications in advance and take a decision based on careful evaluation. Some modifications can affect performance and safety and others do not meet legal standards.
Question 21
A red signal light with a green arrow is shown at an intersection This indicates:
To stop and wait for a green signal before making a turn in the direction of the arrow
that the green arrow is a signal for pedestrians only
To proceed with caution in the direction of arrow
To stop and then proceed
Question 22
What are the 3 steps to driving over objects safely?
Grip the handlebars firmly, maintain a straight path, and then use the threshold braking system.
Grip the handlebars firmly, maintain a straight path, and raise yourself a little on the footrests.
Grip the handlebars firmly, curve to one side, and speed up a little.
Grip the handlebars firmly, curve to one side, and raise yourself a little on the footrests.
Question 22 Explanation: 
If you are unable to drive around objects, to drive over them, one should grip the handlebars well and keep a straight path while rising a little on the footrests. To ease the suspension, a bit on the front end, apply a little throttle.
Question 23
Upon approaching a stop sign, what does the law require you to do before entering an intersection?
Slow down, sound horn, and proceed
Slow down and if way is clear, proceed
Stop, and when it is safe to do so, proceed
Stop, sound horn, and then proceed
Question 24
Why is it important to drive with your wrists low?
None of the above
So that the speed is not mistakenly increased.
So that the brake is not suddenly applied.
So that the speed is not suddenly decreased.
Question 24 Explanation: 
It is important to maintain a proper posture on the motorcycle in order to steer properly and maintain balance and speed. The low placement of the wrists also makes it easier for the rider to reach the front brake lever.
Question 25
Which kind of helmet offers best protection?
A full-faced helmet.
The half-faced variety.
A helmet with a three quarter face cover.
None of these helmets qualify.
Question 25 Explanation: 
The full-faced variety offers the best protection. One can choose from a variety of sizes and styles. It is advisable to pick helmets in bright colors and if possible, with reflective strips or patches.
Question 26
How does selecting a motorcycle safety course affect the time taken to reach the M2 license?
It reduces the period by 2 months.
It reduces the period by 4 months.
It reduces the period by 6 months.
It reduces the period by 1 month.
Question 26 Explanation: 
Along with decreasing the amount of time to be spent at Level 2 by 4 months you will also pick up invaluable safety tricks and effective driving methods.
Question 27
In case the chain breaks, what should one do? (Choose 2)
Speed up and continue driving.
None of the mentioned steps should be followed.
As soon as it is safe to do so, pull off the road.
Hold the handlebars tightly to maintain control on the motorcycle.
Question 27 Explanation: 
Chains can break if they have been extended too far and this can result in skidding. In case of a break, one should keep control over the vehicle and move off the road as quick as possible.
Question 28
Driving in foggy conditions when the visibility is getting increasingly poor, a motorcyclist should…
Move off the road and park in a safe parking area and wait it out until the fog clears up.
Switch on the motorcycle flashers, and stop and park in the left lane.
Drive at a reduced speed and use the horn to alert others.
Shift to the fast lane and drive quickly to get out of the fog.
Question 28 Explanation: 
It is important not to stop in parts of the road that are used by traffic. Oncoming vehicles from the back may not be able to see you and this can cause a collision.
Question 29
On a paved road with two lanes, which part of the road will have a greater amount of gravel and sand accumulated?
The central part of the road/pavement.
Portions close to the centre of the road.
The entire road and/or pavement.
Along the sides of the pavement or at the edge of the road.
Question 29 Explanation: 
The edges of the road collect the most gravel and sand and debris as the tires and winds from fast vehicles clear all these off the road and push them to the side. Motorcyclists should steer clear of the edges when entering or leaving a freeway or while making turns at intersections.
Question 30
What are the documents required for registering or renewing registration of a motorcycle?
Proof that one owns a helmet.
Proof that one owns a motorcycle for which the registration is being conducted.
Proof of valid insurance coverage.
None of these proofs are required.
Question 30 Explanation: 
Providing false proof of registration is a felony that can be punished by a severe fine, by a suspended license or having the motorcycle confiscated.
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Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Practice Test in Ontario

To obtain a motorcycle driving permit, you have to undergo a few challenges. First, federal law requires you to sit and pass the motorcycle test and a road exam. It is a very daunting task. To manage all that, you need to do a few practice tests to increases the chances of scoring the required mark in Ontario.

Motorcycle Practice TestFor the practice tests, you must study the Handbook. It helps you prepare for the actual exam. Mostly, the written knowledge exam is designed based on the Handbook’s information. A practice test is a powerful tool that prepares you for the written test.

Some experts prepare multiple free online practice tests. They have been doing these for years; thus, they understand the area tested on a lot. They already have ideas of the kind of questions that are likely to be set on the official test. You might even experience them during the examination. They tend to test your understanding and knowledge of road rules, traffic procedures, and road signs.

Remember that practice tests are not restricted; you can take as much as possible from the internet. However, note that they vary from state to state.


What Is Motorcycle Practice Test in Ontario?

The motorcycle practice exams simulate the actual written test. You must pass them to obtain a motorcycle permit. Just like the official exam, it covers the following topics:

  • Safety practices
  • Traffic rules
  • Motorcycle techniques
  • State laws
  • Motorcycle terminology

Remember that the practice tests are similar to the official exam. You might be lucky to come across a few questions you came across while taking the motorcycle practice test. Not only does it give you an exam feel, but it also makes you recall all the rules and regulations easily.

Reasons why one should prepare for a Motorcycle Test


To obtain the permit.

Getting to pass your written exams will automatically enable you to attain your student license and eventually sign up for road classes. This type of test helps in breaking down any subject form featured in the practice test.



Taking motorcycle driving tests can be expensive for most people; its cost is higher. Therefore, the practice test will help you pass on the first trial.


Road safety.

Road safety measures are very important, and one ought to follow them. You’ll get low chances of getting into an accident if you follow the rules that govern road safety. The more time you spend preparing for the examination, the higher chances of you being knowledgeable of the traffic rules.


To gain confidence.

When you prepare for the motorcycle driving tests, it boosts your confidence and keeps you at ease during the exam day.

Passing the motorcycle driving test

It is necessary to do practice tests to pass your driving examination. It helps in sharpening your driving skills and reduces the chances of failing hence enhances your knowledge. Try and prepare ahead of your official test by attempting a few practice tests. Being able to ride a motorcycle is an essential aspect.

Practical tests are a symbol of the knowledge attained during classes and put into work by driving on the road. You need to pass your examination even if you’ve passed the car theory examination.

Boosts your self-esteem

Motorcycle practice tests in Ontario, Canada, are no different from the real exam. It gives the learners an idea of what they should expect when they take the official driver’s test. This kind of preparation for the written knowledge exam boosts your confidence making you more attentive and ready to sit for your driver’s test.

Taking a lot of practice texts increases your chances of passing your motorcycle driving test too. Start by taking as many practice tests as possible; even after failing, it’s recommendable to do a practice test re-take.

Safe Practice

It is an important form of safety for motorists to use. Safe practice helps drivers in building their skills and confidence during the written exam. Practice tests are beneficial since they help in preparation for the real exam.

Note that any form of the driving test will boost the rider’s performance preparing for a motorcycle test. It improves a rider’s skills by undertaking several practice tests.


Increase Chances of Passing

According to statistics, most people fail the written knowledge test on the first attempt, hence forced to re-take. Taking the practice test saves money, energy, disappointments, and frustrations.


Become a skilled Driver

When one passes the exams, it doesn’t mean that they are excellent drivers. The role of driving is a big responsibility; if not well handled, it could result in accidents. Motorcycle practice tests help you gain more information on the rules and regulations of driving. Also, it provides ways in which to react in case of dangerous situations. It makes you more confident and equipped.


It time-sufficient.

You don’t have to cram everything at once; therefore, it is recommendable that students take up the motorcycle practice test. With those, you can take your time and revise at your own pace. The practice test monitors your progress as you will get to know the sections that require more knowledge.


Final Verdict

Driving a motorcycle is a significant skill that one can quickly gain if well-practiced. It gives you the freedom to move freely in a state. Most people are also making a lot of money out of it.  As a motorist in Ontario, Canada, it’s necessary to acquire two essential things. First of all, you must perform well in the practical driving test on the road. Secondly is the written knowledge test used to evaluate the theoretical skills regarding the road rules.

The real test will cost you time and money. Therefore, to have higher chances of passing the test on the first attempt, it’s good to take the practice test. One is not enough; keep reading more to build your confidence.

Suppose you are searching for the best site to prepare you for your written knowledge test; feel at home! The goal is to educate people on motorcycle safety measures and offer online practice tests.

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