Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions - Test 03

If you plan on pursuing a career in real estate in Ontario, you may need to pass the Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions Test. This exam is designed to assess your knowledge and understanding of the additional legal and regulatory aspects of residential real estate transactions in the province. To pass the exam with flying colors, you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of topics like mortgage financing, zoning regulations, property taxes, and more. With 120 multiple-choice questions based on the official textbook, you’ll need to demonstrate a high level of mastery in each area. However, with the help of our free practice test, you can feel confident and prepared on test day.


Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions - Practice Test 03

Ontario Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions - Course 3

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Which of these areas of a property is not used when calculating its value using the "room mix method"?

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On rural properties registered under the Land Titles Act, any restrictive covenants expire by default after…?

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Secondary hydro lines on a customer's property are installed free up to what distance from the last pole location?

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A property designated unused as a principal resident is exempt from Capital Gains Tax provided the land on which it is situated is less than…?

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A forested property may qualify for the provincial Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program, reducing property taxes, if the land is a minimum of…?

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The Landlord and Tenant Board allows landlords to increase rent once every…?

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All building smoke alarms must be hardwired, interconnected and have a strobe light if they were installed after April 6...?

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Once the Conservation Authority has issued a permit for development, work must start within…?

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Which of these rights are not automatically granted to the owner of rural properties?

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If a tenant wishes to terminate a month-to-month tenancy, they must give the landlord how much notice?

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A landlord must give a tenant at least what written notice of rent increases?

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For rental properties, lenders generally will be prepared to provide finance equal to up to what percentage of the rental income?

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A landlord may not…?

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Which of these is a landlord permitted to shut off if a tenant is defaulting on their rent?

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For real estate purposes, docks and boat houses on waterfront properties are considered…?

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Sprinklers are mandatory in multi-unit residential buildings that are more than…?

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When showing a rented property to a prospective buyer, you must give the tenants a minimum of how much notice?

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Under the Ontario Building Code, sewage and septic systems must be inspected every…?

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A self-contained residential unit with its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and sleeping areas attached to a main dwelling is known as a what?

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When dealing with the purchase of a rental property, a salesperson should obtain financial statements from the seller showing revenue and expenses for at least the previous…?

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A Class 4 septic system should be pumped out at a minimum every…?

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A periodic tenancy does not have a defined…?

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All portable fire extinguishers in a building should be tested every…?

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Fire Marshals and Fire Inspectors are entitled to enter and inspect premises…?

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The Crown has a right to locate public highways along the shores of navigable waterways up to what distance from the high watermark of a river/lake?

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They dwelling is classed as "multiresidential" if it has more than one but fewer than how many self-contained units?

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If a landlord fails to provide the Residential Tenancy Agreement to a tenant within 30 days of request, the tenant may withhold…?

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In forest conservation areas municipalities may require landowners to obtain a permit to cut down a tree if it is more than…?

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Which of these projects requires a permit before construction in a conservation area?

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The Farming and Food Production and Protection Act prevents property owners from taking action against nearby farms for disturbance from…?

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