Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions - Test 04

The Ontario Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions Test is a crucial benchmark in the real estate industry. This test measures a person’s knowledge, skill, and aptitude about Ontario’s residential real estate transactions. The test is administered by the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) and includes 120 multiple-choice questions. To pass the test with flying colors, one must be well-versed in the official textbook, which is the primary source of the questions. Passing the test is an essential requirement for anyone who wishes to transact residential real estate in Ontario.


Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions - Practice Test 04

Ontario Additional Residential Real Estate Transactions - Course 3

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A landlord may use a rental deposit…?

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If a tenant refuses a landlord's request to amend a clause in a lease, what happens?

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A tenant ledger is a record of…?

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Lease advertisements may not include any stipulation of preference for certain types of tenants on the grounds of…?

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When a tenant has given notice of termination, a landlord may enter a unit to show it to new tenants between…?

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If a registrant has a direct or indirect interest in a rental property, they must disclose this to both landlords and tenants…?

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If a tenant on a monthly, yearly or fixed term tenancy can prove that they have legitimate concerns for their safety or the safety of their child which is the reason they are terminating the tenancy, instead of 60 days' notice they can give…?

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If a non-resident unit owner is renting out a unit in a condominium, the property manager must withhold what share of rental payments to serve as a deposit on income tax?

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Which of these numbers on a credit score represents the best credit rating?

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If a landlord wishes to move a tenant out so they may occupy a rented unit themselves, they must either offer the tenant another rental unit or compensate them by payment of…?

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Which of these describes the prevailing conditions in a condominium?

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Which of these is not the responsibility of a property manager?

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Condominiums can impose conditions that…?

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A salesperson registered under REBBA may trade in short-term rentals without separately registering with the Travel Industry Council of Ontario if…?

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A tenant in a condominium must obey…?

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If a landlord lets units on a short-term/ultra short-term rental basis, they may…?

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Which of these may impact the value of a rental investment property?

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A landlord wishing to move a tenant out in order to demolish, convert or make extensive renovations to the property must give the tenant how much notice?

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A landlord may not ask for a rental deposit greater than the rent for one rental period or…?

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If a condominium corporation has amenities such as a pool or gym they…?

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If there is a conflict in a lease agreement between a pre-printed clause and an inserted clause, which takes precedence?

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If a landlord has included the cost of bulk contracted services in the lease and these services are then withdrawn by the providers, who pays the difference between the bulk price and the new price for the tenant arranging an individual contract?

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A tenant with a daily or weekly tenancy must be given how much notice before a tenancy is terminated?

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If a buyer unrelated to the landlord is moving into a unit and so the lease is terminated, the tenant is entitled to how much compensation?

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If a tenant asks to sublet a unit, the landlord may…?

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A landlord may apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board to increase the rent a maximum of 3% over the rent increase guideline to cover capital expenses and costs of security services for a maximum of…?

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If a landlord begins renting a unit in a condominium to a tenant, the condominium corporation must be informed of this within what time of the lease being signed?

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Which of these might represent a potential red flag about a tenant to a landlord?

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How much notice must a landlord give a tenant if they are terminating a tenancy due to wilful/excessive damage or disturbance?

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An individual property manager must provide financial statements at a minimum…?

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