Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Test 01

The test evaluates the ability of individuals to handle commercial real estate transactions in Ontario, assessing their understanding of relevant laws, regulations, and procedures. With 200 multiple-choice questions, the test covers various topics, including real estate financing, investment analysis, property valuations, and lease agreements. Preparing for the exam requires extensive study and dedication. Still, with the right resources, such as our free Ontario Commercial Real Estate practice test containing questions from the official course book, individuals can be confident in their abilities to pass the test with flying colors. Passing this test not only demonstrates expertise and professionalism but it also opens doors to new career opportunities within the commercial real estate industry in Ontario.


Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Practice Test 01

Ontario Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Course 4

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A major disadvantage of investment in commercial property is often a lack of…?

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Buildings used for which of these activities count as industrial properties?

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During a building process, a request for inspection must be made within what time of work proceeding to the next stage?

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Which of these would be a feature of a Class C office building?

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Commercial brokerages will usually seek salespersons who have an education or background in…?

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The seller or buyer must provide written consent and initials on a representation agreement if it is to last for more than…?

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In a limited partnership, the general partner's liability is…?

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In a joint-venture real estate project, a group of investors comes together in order to…?

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One difference between commercial real estate and residential real estate is that commercial real estate transactions generally take place…?

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In a limited partnership, who operates the business?

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In a sole proprietorship business undertaking, the business is owned and managed by…?

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The majority of "errors and omissions" claims in commercial real estate deals arise from…?

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The personal assets of a person running a sole proprietorship business are…?

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The Building Code Act is amended by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing every…?

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If a deposit is forfeited, awarded, directed, or released by a seller, the listing brokerage is entitled to retain how much of it for services rendered?

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Which of these would not be included in a list of hospitality properties?

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Which of these would not be included in a list of recreational properties?

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The liability of a shareholder in a corporation is restricted to…?

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A Class A+ office building will have what percentage of its space occupied by institutional investors?

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In a limited partnership, the limited partner's liability cannot exceed…?

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Unregistered assistants in brokerages may undertake trading activities…?

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The precise wording of a signed lease for a commercial tenancy takes precedence over the Commercial Tenancies Act in issues regarding…?

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Commercial real estate transactions are more complex than residential ones because…?

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The difference between employees and independent contractors of a brokerage exists only…?

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A Class A office building will have which of these features?

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Which of these would not be included in a list of institutional properties?

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Brownfields land is land that requires…?

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A tenancy-related dispute may be taken to the Small Claims Court if the amount of damages claimed is less than…?

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A business partnership involves how many people or entities?

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Commercial agreements generally provide at least how many days for buyers to satisfy conditions?

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