Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Test 02

Taking the Ontario Commercial Real Estate Transactions Test is an essential step for anyone looking to become a licensed real estate agent in Ontario. The test comprises 200 multiple-choice questions and answers, which are sourced from the official Ontario real estate course book. It mirrors the actual test and exam, making it an ideal practice tool for those seeking to pass on the first attempt. The test covers a broad range of topics including commercial real estate transactions, leasing, property management, and investment analysis. It is designed to assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills in relation to Ontario’s real estate market and legal requirements.


Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Practice Test 02

Ontario Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Course 4

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If a building has "sick building syndrome" it may cause the occupants…?

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Which of these types of construction requires additional fire resistant materials to prevent failure in a fire?

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Which of these does not enjoy an exemption from HST?

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Which of these would not be given an exception from height restrictions?

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The maximum area of a lot on which it is permissible to build a building is known as…?

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The depreciation of office furniture and equipment which can be offset against tax is typically calculated as how much per year?

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The typical office condominium offers office sizes up to around…?

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Capital Gains Tax is charged at what rate?

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A Class C office building is usually more than…?

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Industrial properties are dominated by what type of construction?

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Appraisers may charge extra fees for what?

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The Ontario Fire Code requires continuous and unobstructed entry and exit from a building to…?

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The building is defined as a "small office building" if it has less than what amount of floor space?

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A super regional shopping centre has more than how much leasable area?

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Mortgage brokers may charge what percentage of a loan amount as a service charge?

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What are zoning setbacks?

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Phase 1 of an environmental site assessment involves what?

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By law, institutional lenders are restricted (unless insurance is present) to lending a maximum of what percentage of the appraised value or sale price of a property?

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A development loan is given for what purpose?

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Lenders typically require a debt service coverage ratio of at least?

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Which of these tasks would you not expect to be undertaken by a buyer's lawyer?

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The LEED design standards offer benchmarks for what aspect of a building?

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Non-resident sellers must pay their Capital Gains Tax within what time of closing a real estate sale?

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A building with a total floor area of 120,000 feet would require how many parking spaces?

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A neighbourhood shopping centre will have up to how much leasable area?

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Mixed-use buildings are taxable for…?

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The leverage ratio is a financial measurement used to calculate…?

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A conditional loan approval letter is known as a letter of…?

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What does a wraparound mortgage do?

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Capital Gains Tax is charged on…?

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