Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Test 03

This exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions that cover various topics related to commercial real estate transactions. The test is designed to determine an individual’s knowledge and understanding of key concepts, such as property valuation, market analysis, leasing agreements, and financing. Candidates must pass this exam with flying colors to obtain a real estate license in Ontario. With our free practice test, candidates can prepare themselves for the real exam by answering questions from the official Ontario real estate course book. By practicing with our comprehensive and accurate study materials, candidates can feel confident and well-prepared when they step into the exam room.


Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Practice Test 03

Ontario Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Course 4

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Maintenance fees in industrial condominiums are…?

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The buildable percentage of an industrial lot can be affected by…?

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The square footage of a commercial property should be measured by…?

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Which of these cannot be included in the agreement of purchase and sale for a retail property?

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Which of these is a unique feature of a "Lifestyle centre" shopping centre?

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A "big box store" will usually have an area of more than…?

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A salesperson has an obligation to identify and disclose all material facts, latent defects and potentially detrimental conditions related to a unit to…?

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The value of a commercial condominium will be negatively affected if it is surrounded by…?

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In a commercial condominium business signage is regulated by…?

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The "equilibrium" vacancy rate for office and retail properties is between…?

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The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks must be informed, with reference to industrial units, of any…?

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The Ontario Building Code requires multi-residential buildings to have an elevator if they have how many floors?

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A registrant should not attempt to provide services to sellers or buyers that could be more competently provided by…?

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If a commercial build is vacant, sales people should be extra careful with listing it because of the danger of…?

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If the vacancy rate drops below equilibrium, what happens to rental rates?

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Product packaging would usually take place in what type of commercial building?

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Salespeople should recommend to sellers that with financial, operational and legal documentation they should…?

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Which of these will result in a director of a condominium corporation being disqualified?

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The Tarion warranty does not apply to a commercial condominium unless…?

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Which of these is frequently used as a "landscape buffer" for retail building?

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The buyer or a commercial property should have the fact that they can lawfully continue the present use of the property confirmed by…?

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A salesperson should recommend an electrical inspection of premises in order to have any light fixtures removed that were manufactured prior to…?

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A mezzanine floor in an industrial building is generally how far off the main floor?

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Comparative market analysis looks at current listings for other buildings and recently sold/listed but not sold properties offered to the market within the previous…?

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The availability of suitable employees in a particular industrial area will be greatly affected by…?

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A developer who builds a condominium must call a "turnover meeting" to handover control to the condominium corporation within what time of ceasing to be a majority shareholder in the units?

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An appraiser will generally need at least how long to complete an appraisal of a commercial property?

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The first three members of a condominium board must be appointed within what time of the condominium being registered?

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Wood structures are used for buildings with how many storeys?

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Potential buyers communicating with employees and/or customers of the business in the building they are considering leasing/buying should be…?

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