Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Test 04

Taking the Ontario Commercial Real Estate Transactions Test is an essential step towards becoming a licensed real estate professional in Ontario. This rigorous test comprises 200 multiple-choice questions and is designed to evaluate prospective real estate agent’s knowledge of commercial property transactions. However, candidates need not worry, as our free Ontario Commercial Real Estate practice test offers an excellent opportunity to hone their skills and prepare for the exam. All questions featured in the practice test have been taken from the official Ontario real estate course book, ensuring that candidates gain a comprehensive understanding of the field’s fundamental concepts and principles.


Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Practice Test 04

Ontario Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Course 4

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Industrial hydro services commonly use what to change the voltage of the electrical supply?

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A commercial brokerage asked to look for a property for a buyer must perform detailed analysis of their…?

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The tenant mix in a retail centre is ultimately determined by…?

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The office area of an industrial building generally takes up what percentage of the total building area?

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A hydrogeological report may be required if…?

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Whether or not a property is affordable for a specific buyer will depend on the purchase price and…?

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Office space in industrial buildings is typically limited by zoning laws to a maximum of what percentage of the total area?

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Accessory buildings on industrial lots are primarily used for what?

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Measurements of industrial properties for sale should be taken by…?

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Capital expense quotes for buyers should be…?

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If a buyer wants to alter a building to meet their specific needs in a way that does not comply with local zoning bylaws, they must apply for…?

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Failure to disclose known latent defects and material latent defects may leave a property…?

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Older industrial properties may be converted into "incubator" buildings, which are characterised by…?

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Which of these could be granted an easement over industrial land?

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When a salesperson has received a buyer's criteria, the code of ethics demands that they should…?

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Floor load refers to the capacity of a floor to support…?

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If a property falls under "nonconforming use" because its usage predates the passage of zoning bylaws, owners…?

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Checking employee records should be done as part of…?

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Which of these is an example of a "single purpose" industrial building?

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If a seller does not wish to remedy any detrimental conditions on their property before selling, what should a salesperson do?

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Soil testing of industrial land is undertaken by…?

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Bay depth in a property is what?

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Brownfields sites often attract…?

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Surveys should be prepared by…?

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The Ontario Building Code sets the number of bathrooms required in an industrial building on the basis of…?

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The "highest and best use" of a building or vacant land is the one that…?

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The effective age of a building is…?

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A grade level loading dock permits access for…?

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The ultimate goal of due diligence by a salesperson is to…?

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Brownfields sites are generally ones which…?

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