Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Test 05

The test consists of 200 multiple-choice questions from the official Ontario real estate course book. It is crucial to take advantage of the available resources provided by the real estate board, such as free practice tests and study materials, to prepare for the exam adequately. The Commercial Real Estate Transactions Test covers many topics, from legal considerations to financing, marketing, leasing, and property management. It is essential to have a thorough understanding of these topics to pass the test successfully. Overall, with dedication and preparation, passing the Ontario Commercial Real Estate Transactions Test is achievable and can open many opportunities in the real estate industry.


Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Practice Test 05

Ontario Commercial Real Estate Transactions - Course 4

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Information on demographics, labour statistics, financial services and real estate profiles is best gathered from…?

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Clear height in an industrial property refers to the distance between…?

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Buyers should be told that shared facilities sometimes…?

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Which of these is not a chattel?

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128. Buyers should be aware that shared retail spaces may often have…?

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If the parties to an agreement of purchase and sale wish to waive any of the conditions, this should be noted using OREA form…?

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The collection and remittance of HST is the responsibility of…?

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Which of those must be included in the property description in an agreement for a commercial condominium?

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The completion date for a commercial transaction should not fall on…?

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Clauses in the contract that offer a timeframe for parties involved to complete due diligence are known as?

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When a condominium's parking and/or lockers are "owned" this…?

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The responsibility for determining floor load capacity in an industrial property should fall to…?

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If an ESA report is offered by the seller a new one should be obtained if it is more than…?

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Replacing previous signage at a retail premises is…?

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Tenant risk when considering buying a property refers to…?

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A seller of an industrial property may require showings to be restricted to certain hours in order to…?

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A freestanding office building may be a better investment because they…?

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In a condominium, final ratification of the agreement of purchase and sale must come from...?

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The responsibility for ensuring that all necessary documentation has been provided by sellers lies with…?

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When managing an offer, which of these should have a key date attached to them?

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Which of these can be used in a retail centre to generate extra revenue for the owner?

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Levellers are used in loading docks to…?

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Which of these would not constitute a title issue?

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If an "innocent misrepresentation" has been made by the seller, what happens?

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Retail condominiums often appeal to buyers who want to…?

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Backflow preventers may be obligatory under the Environmental Protection Act in order to prevent…?

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If a buyer intends to continue using an extant pylon sign, a "representation and warranty" clause should be added to the agreement guaranteeing that the sign…?

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If a buyer wants to show prospective future tenants around a property before closing, they should generally give the seller how much notice?

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An amendment to an agreement of purchase and sale should be made using OREA form…?

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In a commercial transaction, the irrevocable time period for the review of an offer should not expire on…?

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