Real Estate Essentials - Test 01

Taking the Ontario Real Estate Essentials Test is an important step for anyone looking to enter the real estate industry in Ontario. The test assesses an individual’s knowledge of essential topics related to real estate in Ontario. These topics include real estate law, regulations, ethics, and business practices. To pass the test, one must demonstrate a good understanding of all these areas. This is where the free practice tests offered on this online site can immensely help. By going through these practice tests repeatedly, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of the topics covered and get accustomed to the actual test format. With this kind of preparation, passing the Ontario Real Estate Essentials Test on the first attempt is achievable and highly likely.


Real Estate Essentials - Practice Test 01

Ontario Real Estate - Course 1

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The broker of record must be...?

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Which of these is a desirable skill for a salesperson?

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Which of these is not a function of RECO?

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Which of these will not affect the day-to-day activities of a salesperson?

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In residential resales, the salesperson should expect…?

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Which of these is not permitted to use the term "agent" in their advertising?

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What is the definition of a buyers' market?

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The broker of record provides guidance and advice to salespersons and brokers regardless of...?

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Once the pre-registration courses are complete, you must find a brokerage and apply to RECO for registration within…?

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It is compulsory to take out RECO's purchase insurance coverage for...?

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When a seller makes an agreement with a real estate business, the agreement is with...?

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What is the definition of a sellers' market?

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To maintain registration, every registrant with RECO must complete the Mandatory Continuing Education courses every…?

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Which of these characteristics should you not expect in a buyers' market?

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Which of these is the only pre-registration course that does not require an in-person theory examination?

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Condominium ownership involves a specific "unit" and shared ownership of…?

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The minimum age for obtaining a real estate salesperson registration in Ontario is…?

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The broker of record is designated by a brokerage to...?

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Which of these must be disclosed when applying for RECO registration?

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In a sole proprietorship, the broker of record must be...?

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When selling new homes, the salesperson will be working with…?

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Which of these is not an example of the Code of Ethics?

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In a sellers' market, properties tend to sell…?

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The broker of record in a brokerage must be...?

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In a balanced market, you would usually expect sales to occur…?

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Which of these can affect the value of units in a condominium?

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If you are unable to provide services with reasonable skill, knowledge, judgement and competence, you should...

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What is the definition of a balanced market?

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Once a person is registered as a real estate salesperson with RECO, the post-registration educational requirements must be completed within…?

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In residential resales, open houses are usually held…?

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