Real Estate Essentials - Test 02

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Real Estate Essentials - Practice Test 02

Ontario Real Estate Essentials - Course 1

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In a residential transaction, a salesperson may have to wait how long for their remuneration?

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A split-level property has a maximum of how many levels of living area?

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Knowledge of which of these is especially useful when dealing with a small acreage primary home?

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In a real estate transaction, the selling brokerage is also known as what?

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If repairs are required to a property, they must be done by the seller…?

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A salesperson's remuneration is most likely to see a drop in which season?

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Selling a house is also known as…?

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A listing agreement is signed between the seller and…?

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Trade in real estate is a term that covers…?

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What was known as a "Deed" under the Registry Act is now referred to as…?

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A mortgage on a property must be paid off in full…?

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Which of these is not one of the commercial property groupings?

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In a commercial sales transaction, a salesperson may have to wait how long for their remuneration?

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Which of these does not count as "personal property" in ownership terms?

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A salesperson working on commercial leasing will require what skills to be above-average?

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Searching for qualified buyers is known as…?

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When meeting a buyer, a salesperson must understand…?

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The series of ownership of a property over time is known as…?

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The listing salesperson must ensure that the listing price is…?

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A brokerage may charge a fee deducted from a salesperson's remuneration split, known as the…?

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Remuneration is guaranteed for a salesperson once…?

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When two brokerages are involved in a real estate transaction, the portions they each receive are known as…?

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Who bears the cost of most of the advertising for a property?

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The monies paid to a brokerage for services on the sale or lease of a property are referred to as…?

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The final decision on the listing price for a property lies with whom?

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You must be registered to undertake which of these activities?

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Which type of property is most likely to be used as a secondary residence?

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The salesperson's involvement with the sale when representing a buyer ends…?

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Which of these contains the highest level of duty to the client a brokerage represents?

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Which of these types of property has about 60% of the total living area on the main floor?

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