Real Estate Essentials - Test 03

If you plan to take the Ontario Real Estate Essentials test, you’re in luck! This online site offers a free practice test that you can use to prepare for the actual exam. The exam tests your understanding of key concepts in real estate law, agency, contracts, property ownership, and land use controls. You must familiarize yourself with these concepts, as they will form the basis of the questions you’ll be asked in the test. By taking the free practice test on this site, you can assess your knowledge and identify any areas where you need further study.


Real Estate Essentials - Practice Test 03

Ontario Real Estate Essentials - Course 1

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Profit-a-prendre agreements give a person other than the owner of a piece of land the right to do what?

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A survey is usually required…?

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Under the Land Titles Act, how can a person acquire the title to land through adverse possession or prescription (squatter's rights).

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The Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC) is an educational branch of which organisation?

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A seller's salesperson must undertake a Comparative Market Analysis in order to determine what?

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All land in Ontario is registered under…?

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An R-plan is what?

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If a person purchases a timeshare property, they may cancel the purchase agreement up to how many days after receiving a signed copy of it?

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How many common party walls do semidetached properties have?

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A real estate board is found on which level of the real estate industry?

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Which is the highest form of estate?

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In a joint tenancy, upon the death of one joint tenant, the tenancy transfers to…?

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In a condominium each owner of a unit has tenancy in common ownership of common elements and what type of ownership of their own unit?

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A salesperson should confirm the legal description of a property using…?

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A land lease, allowing a tenant to build/own a home on land without purchasing the land, typically lasts up to…?

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Every branch office of a brokerage must have a branch manager as a supervisor if they have how many staff?

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Which of these would not usually have to take a fractional interest in the space above the physical surface of a property?

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If the government wishes to acquire a piece of land for a reasonable purpose, it issues what sort of order?

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A right enjoyed by one landowner over the land of another is what?

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A surveyor's real property report is a full survey of a property with the exception that only which angles are monumented?

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To convert from the Land Registry system to the Land Titles system, a search must find ownership for 10 years or at least how many previous deeds?

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A private limitation that restricts the use of property for a specific purpose and manner is called what?

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In a joint tenancy, each tenant has undivided possession of…?

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A mid-rise building has up to how many storeys?

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A branch manager may be a salesperson under direct supervision of a broker providing they have how much experience?

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A buyer purchasing a home in a mobile home park owns what?

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Which of these is most likely to carry out a title search?

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How many of the board of directors of RECO are registrants elected from the industry?

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A piece of land known as a concession had a frontage of…?

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For land registered under the Land Registry Act, a title search must extend back a minimum of…?

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