Real Estate Essentials - Test 04

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Real Estate Essentials - Practice Test 04

Ontario Real Estate Essentials - Course 1

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If a registrant is purchasing or selling real estate in which they have a direct or indirect interest, they must…?

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If a breach of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale occurs, the seller can only take legal action against…?

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If a registrant is taken to court for failure to comply with regulations, what is the maximum prison term they may face?

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Every brokerage must maintain a Real Estate Trust Account. What must be kept in this account?

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What is the maximum fine RECO can impose on a Broker of Record for breaching regulations?

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What is the maximum fine a brokerage can face for breaching the Code of Ethics?

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If the Registrar proposes to revoke, suspend or refuse to register an individual, they have how long after service of notice to appeal that decision?

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If any registrant is found to have breached the Code of Ethics RECO's Discipline Committee must publish its decision on its website and leave it there for a minimum of…?

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Which is the only one of these activities that an unregistered person may undertake?

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Which of these sanctions can the Registrar impose if they believe an applicant or registrant does not meet required standards?

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The Real Estate and Business Brokers Act details the requirements in Real Estate trading for…?

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Any advertisement by a registrant must include…?

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A person can only be involved in trading activity in real estate once…?

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If a registrant is taken to court for failure to comply with regulations, what is the maximum fine they may face?

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Any advertising by a registrant must not contain…?

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When a brokerage receives a buyer's deposit, it must be deposited in the Real Estate Trust Account within what time?

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A corporation found to have made false statements, assisted others in providing false information or false advertising may be fined up to…?

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The cost of registering a transfer/deed must be met by the…?

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Any information that can affect a person's decision to buy or sell a property is known as a…?

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Which of these people is exempt from registration to trade in real estate?

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When an offer or acceptance is made via electronic communication, a document is deemed received when…?

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When an Agreement of Purchase and Sale has been signed, the buyer has how long to conduct a title search and raise an objection on title?

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A legally binding agreement between two or more parties to do something lawful or not do something for a consideration or for a promise is known as a…?

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A brokerage can only pay remuneration to…?

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The Standard Charge Terms document contains what?

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Which is the only one of these activities that can only be undertaken by a registered person?

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Under the Land Registration Reform Act, the number of standard registration documents has been reduced to…?

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An Implied Covenant covers the obligations of…?

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Which of these does RECO have the power to do?

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A lease must be in writing to be legally enforceable if it is for a duration of…?

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